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Freelancing sounds like a great idea to many people, no bosses to answer to and setting own time to work. There is a lot that has been said about freelancing with different individuals siting different experiences. Bottom line is that one needs to understand well what freelancing is all about. Some have tried and failed while others have been very successful. It is important to note that when one has a new idea or has heard about something of interest, proper research should be conducted. Sufficient knowledge will help avoid one to make mistakes they will regret. So if you are employed don’t just jump into the wagon without proper research on freelancing.

Female freelancers

Being a female freelancer is my point of interest as I speak from my own experience. I learnt of freelancing way back in Campus (quite some years back). Never gave it much thought at that time, when a student is about to graduate they have big dreams (great job and a good salary). However, my dream was to be self-employed; I loved programming and thought I could set up my software development company. How that went down is a topic for another day. Back to freelancing, over the years I have done lots of freelancing in different fields. The urge to be my own boss resulted to settling in freelancing. There are many sites offering online jobs that one can register as a member and bid for jobs. Locally there are other jobs that one can get from friends, family and even small businesses. This is so because technology is one field that offers many opportunities for freelancers.

As a female freelancer and a mother for that matter, I have had quite a good experience (but it’s not all smooth). It may take some time getting what fits own taste, but it’s the best way to earn an income while taking care of your kids. Today it’s so difficult getting a good person to leave your kids with (the horrifying stories of kids mistreatment are nauseating) so most choose to be stay at home moms. But what do u do with the bits of free time you have when the kids are napping and you are done with house chores. When the kids are of age to go to school there is a lot of free time that can be utilized to earn extra bucks.

Tips for freelancing mums

Freelancing is all good, especially for mothers but the main challenge is always time. Unfortunately, as a mother one is not guaranteed consistent hours for freelance work in a day. Therefore, one has to plan how to properly utilize the time available. In my experience there are days that one can hardly get ample time to do anything constructive. However, there are other days one has so much time. The best thing to do would be to use the time resourcefully and avoid wasting time on TV or social media. A list of things to accomplish is very useful when one has free time. Tasks can be broken down to short intervals especially when one has small kids who are in the house. Balancing between work and parenting is no easy task but the most important thing is timing, use time wisely.

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