6 Smart Tips for Whiter Teeth and a Brighter Smile


Whiter teeth are desirable to all of us. Besides lighting up our smile, they shout to the world of our good health. If your teeth are turning yellow or looking lackluster, here are 6 tips for whiter teeth and a brighter smile.

6 Smart Tips for Whiter Teeth


1-Avoid foods that cause yellow teeth

There are certain foods that cause yellow teeth. Unfortunately, many of these are vitamin-packed foods that are healthy. However, they destroy your tooth enamel. This causes stains and a yellow appearance.

Some of the foods you should avoid are:

  • tomato-based products
  • wine
  • beets
  • berries
  • coffee
  • tea


While you can’t always avoid these products, do so with limitations and brush immediately afterward. Check out this article on Fifty Plus Fab for a longer list of foods that cause yellow teeth.

2-Brush your teeth regularly

Brush your teeth regularly. You should brush at least twice daily, for two minutes each time to ensure thorough cleansing. Most people think they are brushing for a long enough time period. However, you are probably cutting the time short. Not sure what two minutes of brushing feels like? Set the timer on your cell phone for a two-minute period. You’ll be surprised at how clean your teeth will feel!

3-Try at-home whitening strips

In addition to brushing, you can attempt at-home whitening with teeth whitening strips from the drug store. They are convenient and inexpensive compared to custom treatments in the dentist’s office. When used regularly, they can be very effective. Be sure that you are following the directions on the package. Overuse of whitening strips can weaken your tooth enamel. As a result of thinner enamel, you could develop sensitivity to hot or cold.

4-Say no to nicotine

In addition to kissing bye-bye to certain foods that cause teeth to yellow, say no to nicotine. The chemicals in nicotine cause yellowing of your teeth and fingernails as it penetrates these surfaces. In addition, nicotine can cause your tooth enamel to weaken, giving a thin gray or yellow appearance to your teeth in general.

If you’ve been thinking about kicking the habit once and for all, perhaps this is the final motivation that you need!

5-Drink more water

Opt for water instead of cola, tea, coffee, or wine. Not only will it keep you well-hydrated and fight off extra weight, it will keep your teeth healthy and white. Water is the best drink of choice for oral hygiene for a couple of reasons.

First, water is often treated with fluoride to help strengthen the tooth enamel. This will make your teeth stay whiter and stronger for longer. Second, because it is clear, it won’t cause new staining as you are going through the process of whitening your teeth.

If you really must continue to drink those less healthy options, choose a straw! This way you are ingesting the beverage behind the teeth. Therefore, you minimize the staining.

6-Visit your dentist

Be sure to keep your every 6-month dental appointment. Open an honest discussion about your goal of achieving whiter teeth. Your dentist will likely have some whitening advice and maybe even some free product samples such as whitening toothpaste to share with you. However, she may also advise you of medically therapeutic in-office procedures depending on the level of yellowing. I can’t think of any other reason to look forward to a dentist visit!


Whiter teeth are possible when you focus on making an effort to choose drinks and foods that don’t cause yellowing and make oral hygiene a priority. Teeth whitening is a process that takes time. In fact, it might take several weeks for you to see results. Be diligent and keep on striving for that goal of pearly whites.


Author Bio: Deborah Tayloe is a freelance digital copywriter who regularly contributes to fiftyplusfab.com.  She lives in rural Eastern North Carolina with her husband and an energetic toy fox terrier.

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