What are the qualities of the best 3D glasses?


At one point in our life, we have all wanted to step out reality. Virtual reality gives us that freedom in the comfort of our home. More and more people love the engaging power of VR as it takes us into another world of entertainment and learning. One thing that we all need with our favorite VR devices is a pair of 3D glasses. The best 3D glasses help a VR device take us into a different environment. Let us make sure you have the right pair, like I did!

Qualities of the best 3D glasses

There are plenty of 3D glasses on the market, but you need to choose one or probably a few of them. Here are some of the must-have qualities that determine their performance:

  1. Shape

You need a product like SainSonic GX-30 3D Glasses Active Shutter that covers your eyes entirely. This completes the VR experience because from no angle your eyes shift into another object apart from what you’re watching.

  1. Clarity

If your 3D glasses don’t make you feel like you’re challenging the environment, then you don’t have the right product. The glasses like Ultra-Clear HD 144 Hz DLP LINK come with optimum clarity to give you the real experience.

  1. Compatibility

Your VR system might often need you to buy a particular brand of 3D glasses because they complement each other. Buying a product like the EStar America ESG6100 RF-3D Starter Kit gives you versatility. This particular product works well with most DLP enabled TVs and 3D projectors.

  1. Battery life

You will definitely want an uninterrupted time of entertainment. Thus, long battery life becomes an important consideration. A product from the SAMSUNG-Compatible IncrediSonic Vue Series is an example of 3D glasses with long battery life.

  1. Price

We cannot help but admit that price is always a constraint. Products like the JK Passive Circular Polarized Clip On 3D Glasses is a cost-effective model. However, it doesn’t have an anti-reflective layer.

Why do you need 3D glasses?

The basic reason why you need 3D glasses is to watch different images from each eye. Your brain combines the images together and gives you a single image. This is how we get the 3D characteristics. Our brain fools us into viewing a 3D image and that is how it creates a new dimension. VR needs you use 3D glasses as without a pair of these, you will not get the actual viewing effect.

I am sure you are looking for an all-rounder product like I did, so I opted for the True Depth 3D® Firestorm XL Premium Quality. It is the most comfortable option and offers long battery life, seamless usage, and best clarity. It is pricier compared to other products, but the durability will pay off in the long run.


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