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Meditation has always been a retreat for the soul. Meditation retreats can be pricey, but are well worth the cost if you are in desperate need of a relaxing vacation. In modern times of excessive stress, it is essential to curate these breaks and move away from radio holidays which create stress and exploit societal image.

Luckily, spirituality burgeoned and travel in diverse forms globally, with the hippie’s of the 1970s giving way for mainstream acceptance.

As seen, the Buddhist traditions in Asia and the Native American traditions fostered a way for diverse spiritual teachings of individual peace and blissful unity. These often required secluded places from valleys to hill tops, for building lasting bonds with nature.

Top Meditation Retreats :

these retreats can seem expensive on the outlook; hence it is important to share that there exists a non-religious Vipassana Meditation Foundation offering free 10 to 45 days meditation retreats in nearly 300 global centers around the world. Though humble in the food offerings and quality of solitary room stay with attached bathroom, the meditation infrastructure and dedication of staff, is a personal recommendation.

With some amount of provident spending, the world has many luxury and wellness oriented meditation retreats. The great land of the Buddha, India; Ananda rests near the holy Ganges River in the Himalayas, as a 100 acre estate with a 21,000 square foot spa.

With over 79 treatments and personalized meditation training with breathing techniques, this facility offers a balanced combination of luxury and holistic spiritual treatment.

Moving to South East Asia, one of most significant place in Thailand, Kamalaya on the coast of southern Koh Samaui, offers a nestled SPA and detox holiday along with spiritual energy present from the ancient monks, who were cited to be meditating in the exact place.

The continent of Africa with the Zulu tribe, offers a meditation trip with an outreach programme as well in the Ufafa Valley, South Africa. The Buddhist retreat center, awarded by the late Nelson Mandela, offers visitors a unique interaction and connection with the local plants and tribes, being laced with their spiritual wisdom.

Located in the suburbs of San Francisco the Spirit Rock, California offers a connection with the Native Americans and their indigenous ways of keeping peace with the local wild animals and plants.

A more interactive session than the typical secluded meditation, strong bonds are forged people and communities through this program.

Moving on further west, a niche for war veterans with a focus on post war traumas and depression, this center located in Hawaii post the September 2011 World Trade Center attacks, draws visitors year long. Called the Ala Kukui and situated among hills and the Pacific Ocean, it offers diverse creative courses, Yoga and regional cultural insights.

Finally returning back to the East, with modest pricing and the Dalai Lama’s teachings in Dharamsala, India; a program by Eleven Directions helps travelers acculturate with the Tibetan communities with real anecdotes, practices and realizations of the Buddha himself.

This is a short global summary of top meditation retreats for you, across monetary and geography constraints!

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