Top 10 Fun Facts about Dylan Dog


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Whether you are already familiar with the character called Dylan Dog or not, here are some basic pieces of information: he is the protagonist of one of the most famous comic books published by Italian comic book publishing house Sergio Bonelli Editore, his occupation is investigating paranormal phenomena, he often runs into Death or Devil himself, his past is blurry, but in present he hangs out mostly with his ex-superior, Inspector Bloch from Scotland Yard, as well as with his roommate, Groucho Marx. This seems like a lot of basic facts, doesn’t it? But, there are more interesting facts that can be brought up when mystical character Dylan Dog and the comic that features him are at stake.

some fun facts about Dylan Dog
Dylan Dog and his best friends – Groucho Marx and Inspector Bloch

Top TEN Fun Facts about Dylan Dog

And here is the list of those fun facts about Dylan Dog and his background:

  1. Dylan Dog as a character was invented by Tiziano Sclavi, a proven specialist in creating compelling horror stories (most of which derived from the horrors he has been through during his own life) and the illustrator who brought him to life (or on paper) for the first time is Angelo Stano. Paola Barbato is also one of the prominent writers.
  2. The current editor in chief in charge for Dylan Dog series is Roberto Rekioni, whose idea was to bring up a story featuring Dylan Dog in his old age, facing ghouls and dealing with them.
  3. Dylan Dog is a vegetarian, an anti-alcoholic (and an ex alcohol addict) and an ex officer in Scotland Yard.
  4. This protagonist always appears in the same outfit (although the comic is colored black and white, the front cover in color would serve as a proof of this statement): black coat, red shirt, jeans and brown shoes.
  5. As for Groucho Marx and his outfit, he appears in brown boots and loose trousers, with a cigar inevitably drawn at the corner of his mouth.
  6. Dylan and Groucho are roommates who met within obscured circumstances and share an apartment on 7, Craven Road in London, England. They constantly strive to make the ends meet, and instead of a door bell, they have some kind of device that literally screams when someone appears at their front door.
  7. Although Dylan gets a new girlfriend in each episode, he has (only) three women who he really and deeply loves: Bri, Lily and, hmm, his mother.
  8. Dylan’s father is an obscured figure, who in some way appears in one of the special editions of the comic named ”In the Name of the Father“ and written by Paola Barbato.
  9. Dylan is not only a passionate investigator of paranormal phenomena, or in other words, nightmares, but he is also a passionate and devoted musician. He plays clarinet and his favorite piece of music is Devil’s Thrill by Tartini.
  10. One of the episodes (popular and significant number 200) indicates that there is a background to the fact that Inspector Bloch occurs as a fatherly figure to younger Dylan – Bloch’s son, who was of the same age as Dylan, committed a suicide because he never felt any sense of achievement and he thought of himself as a disappointment to his father.
some fun facts about Dylan Dog
Dylan and Groucho feel at home among these monsters

It would be nothing but a pack of lies to say that these are all the interesting facts to be listed about Dylan Dog. This is merely a tiny piece of what is to be said about this amazing character and comic – so,why waiting? Grab your first episode of Dylan Dog and dive into a whole new world of magically appealing horror mixed with adventure and humor.

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