The Oddest Place You Will Find The Circle Game


It is great that there are still people who take out time for fun and are not stuck to gadgets. If you do have friends who can still play games like the circle game, you have gems in your life!

Well, we never know when pranksters get to us, so being alert can help you win your game. Here, we will discuss the oddest places where you can find people attacking you with the circle game. The guide is sure to help you have the best comebacks!

At work or school

The oddest places are not that bad until it gets awkward! Suppose your friend is sitting right next to you in class and he drops a pen that rolls near you. You bend down to pick it up and he shows you the circle. Rather than attending the class, you will start thinking about how to plan your prank. It can get worse if your office colleague walks up to you when you are about to miss a deadline, and he shows you the circle. You have to be aware of these instances and fight back.

In a video call

What happens when you’re feeling romantic but your partner is in a fun mood? You pick up a video call and see her hand showing you the circle. If you’re sporting enough you’d manage to boo her back so that you don’t lose the game. You can always get into the romantic mood once the game is over.


The internet is filled with memes about the circle game. However, that’s not what’s going to get on your nerves. Suppose you open a really cool video and it intrigues you into watching it. You’re about to get to the climax but all you see is the circle. It’s definitely annoying when you don’t have better comebacks than angry reacts!

In a gift

So it’s a special day when you’re going get a lot of gifts and appreciation, but there’s always one person waiting to spoil the joy. Beware of these pranksters if you know you can get sensitive about their jokes. Many people are gifting boxes that have pictures of the palm. You might think that the attractive wrapper opens up to a nice surprise, but you actually end up in disappointment. If you know someone can do this to you, make sure you’re ready with a fist!

When you take a print

Imagine you’re father asks you to get the print he just placed in the printer, and you see the picture of the palm. We can imagine your eyes rolling up already!

Apart from these, you might encounter strangers who try to have fun when you are absent-minded. You can also be conned into reading someone’s t-shirt quote – as your eyes go down to read the full thing, you see the circle!

There are endless times where you might not expect the circle game to start, but the people around you are just too quick. It is time you master the circle game and go on point so that no one can defeat you. Be aware of the people around the oddest places where they can target you. Finally, remember to not look down until you’re planning to start your own circle game.

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