Travelling Alone – The Good Old Days Can’t Build Your Future


In a moment of pondering, while thinking about the future, plenty of things flash through your mind.

Perks of travelling alone

If you are a dream chaser who can hardly settle for an ordinary life, then you are likely to have booked your one way ticket towards your challenge. The idea behind travelling isn’t merely the urge to encounter life abroad.

It’s far broader than that, travelling helps you build the set of traits you need to bear different responsibilities. As an expat who’s totally new to a country, you take care of every single aspect of your life. In other words, you are your own household, your own mentor, preacher, doctor and even your own consultant.

Assume you have a plumbing problem or your kid suffering some sort of fever. It’s not like you are going to ring up your doctor or call your plumber right on the spot.  Instead, you will have to get to the right person to handle the situation or maybe be that person.  Many people can’t imagine they can handle situations like this, not because they are naive or weak but because life never dealt them a bad hand before.

What you think is a curse might turn out to be a bless

One of the very critical things that determine whether or not you will achieve what you are looking for is perseverance. A person with strong perseverance is a person made of steel. Steel might not be the most precious thing to possess unlike gold or diamond. However, it will never bend or crook. Same way perseverance is regarded, strong perseverance will never let you crumble or stumble. Instead it will give you the persistence and faith to overcome life hurdles.

If you think of if the other way round, what if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth? A spoiled kid with every sort of amusement in hand. It’s definitely a bless,and you would be one of those luckiest guys whose worst problems is having to drive a 400 horse power car instead of a 600, or flying a small cabin jet instead of a large cabin one. Life remains a piece of cake till you have to take the pitfall, then instead of the luckiest you become the unluckiest luckiest. It’s very unlikely that you would be able to ride high waves because you only learnt how to survive in a shallow little pond in the first place.

When life gets comfy you better take a leap of faith

The fact that you are living with your beloved friends and family is really amazing, but to what extent you think you can endure stress and hardships. How you are going to act when it comes to taking matters into your own hands, that’s the turning point.

You have always been having good times with friends, driving around or having a drink in a pub. But that’s not how you mature. Your maturity develops with the hardships you are willing to face, the pitfalls you are ready to take.

Some persons hustle all day to reach out their goals. Others just sit back watch them hustling, which do you think victory will align to? That’s why you should be a firm believer that the good old days can’t build your future”.

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