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Best Freelance Websites to Start your Freelancing Career

Starting a freelance business is the easiest way to make money through online resources. May it be an extra income or an income for your living, this would be a great career choice. This is the reason why millions and millions of people are making their entry into freelancing these days. With the plenty of online freelance resources available, it’s difficult for us to find the best sources to start off. Many websites claim that they are the best for freelancers, but we need to remember that everything cannot be best. There are few really good websites to start a freelance business and they are mentioned below:

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Upwork, which was formerly ‘oDesk’, has more than 12 million registered freelancers and more than 5 million registered clients with them. ‘oDesk’ was collaborated with another freelancing giant ‘Elance’ during the year 2014 to launch the all-new freelancing website, ‘Upwork’. This is a huge freelancing platform today with more than three million jobs posted every year. The numbers of freelancers, as well as the clients, are continuously increasing from year to year. This huge expansion is because of the reputation as the most trusted among the people from all corners of the world. The features like ‘Local Business Resources’ and Upwork Pro’ are found to be attractive for the new freelancers. So, I would say that this is the best place for launching your freelance career.


I would say this is the best website to start if you are a seasoned and talented freelancer. This website was developed by engineers and is working quite differently compared to the other freelance websites out there. Upon registering with Toptal, you will have to pass a screening process passing of which would give you access to work with outstanding projects from the companies like:

  • JPMorgan
  • Zendesk
  • Airbnb

It’s to be noted that, you can earn a fair compensation as there is ‘no low-bid contests’ in Toptal. Furthermore, you can also join the Toptal community through various meet ups and events.


Although this website is not so attractive when compared with above two websites, continues to be the largest freelancing website in the world. This is due to the feature of this website which allows the freelancers to compete with each other in contests to prove their skills. Therefore, if you are really confident with your skills, you can compete with millions of freelancers in a contest and showcase your abilities. I would say that Freelancer is the best site to get your first freelancing client.


This is another freelance website with more than 1.5 million registered users from across the globe. The best feature of this website is that this would allow you to showcase your past experience and would keep you updated with the new job offers that match your skills and abilities. This way, you would not miss out any opportunities that are suitable for you. Another feature called ‘Guru Work Room’ would enable to manage all your projects.

How To Succeed As A Freelancer? Follow These Useful Tips

Are you looking to become a freelancer? Today, freelance business is becoming more and more popular among the younger generation with several people choosing to become a freelancer more interestedly. Since this is offering the freelancers with the flexibility of job timing, it can be done by almost everyone. No matter whether you are a student, a retired person or a homemaker, you can choose to freelance, if you have a proper skill set.

Working As A Freelancer

As a freelancer, you can do almost anything like:

  • Artwork
  • Writing
  • Graphic designing
  • Financing
  • Journalism
  • Web designing
  • Administration tasks
  • Virtual assisting
How To Success As a Freelancer

Tips to become a successful freelancer

So, how to succeed as a freelancer? Follow the tips that are listed below:

1. Marketing Yourself is Important

Undoubtedly, in freelancing, you can choose to do any number of tasks. You can work with a number of clients or fields at the same time. But, I would advise you to test yourself for your strengths. After knowing your strongest area, take steps to market your skills in that area. Remember that the personal branding is more important in freelancing. Find ways to showcase your worth. This would automatically take the clients to you.

2. Securing a Contract is Must

I would say this is the first thing every freelancer should aim for. The reason is simple. There are thousands of successful freelancers and each of them has a good reputation. This becomes essential for you to sign a contract before starting the project. In any project, the best way to start off is to write and sign a contract. It’s always good to have pricing and deadline information within these contracts. This practice will be more advantageous as you will be kept away from fraudulence.

3. Organizing Your Tasks Will take You to Heights

As a freelancer, most often, you will be handling multiple projects at a time. This should not affect the quality of deliverables at any time. Therefore, it’s essential to stay organized by determining how long the projects would take to complete and devise a plan for each and every ongoing project. And, always stick to the plans you made. The best way to keep track of your progress and task completion is to utilize excel spreadsheets. By tracking your time and progress regularly, you would know where you are with the projects and what needs to be done to complete them within deadlines.

4. Being Flexible Means You are Successful

In a freelance business, you’re your own boss. You have nobody to control your projects except you. But, this doesn’t mean that you can work however you wish. Remember that you are working at the clients’ interests and they are the people who pay you. Therefore, you need to be flexible to your clients if you need to be successful. Not all clients will be same. The expectations would differ from one client to another. Some may ask you to change your work after submission. Although it may be annoying, you need to be patient with your clients as the reputation you get from each client will make the other clients come to you. Therefore, be flexible to your clients and succeed in your freelance career!