Sri Lanka – A Perfect Destination to Visit


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Sri Lankans are known for their generous hospitality and you will experience their warm welcome throughout the country with palms clasped together through the traditional greeting ”Ayubowan” which means “ may you live a long life”.   Geographically as an island of approx. 65, Sri Lanka lies in the Indian Ocean off the southern tip of the coast of India. It lies between 5° 55’and 9°  55’ north of the equator and between the eastern longitudes 79°42’ and 81°52’.Climatically Sri Lanka has no off-season. Bright sunny warm days are the rule and are common even during the wet season.sea temperatures remain around 27° C.

Sri Lanka – A Land Like NO Other


Sri Lanka is a small island. When it is compared with other countries of the world, in extent of the island it is very small. But in performances it is ahead of many of the countries in the world. In the international arena Sri Lanka enjoys an exceptional place as far as the history in concerned. Sri Lanka inherits the history of more than two thousand five hundred years. In that respect, it is ahead of many other countries in the world Sri Lanka can be proud of their long history certainly. Not only that aged old history but also it has a great tradition which is appreciated by many foreigners all over the world.

Strong Buddhism influence can be seen throughout country, which also has a mix of Indian architecture, brought to Sri-Lanka along with the advent of Buddhism. The giant “Stupas” which enshrine some of the relics of Lord Buddha seem to touch the sky. Moreover the excellent irrigation works with the superb knowledge of engineering in such historical times will surely amaze you.Proud to be   amazed by the breath taking sceneries of Sri Lanka while passing through lush green paddy fields which yield orange ears of paddy at harvest time. Time can also be spent lounging on the beautiful beaches, bathing under the warm sunshine and clear skies. The hill country offers a cooler alternative where one can enjoy the splendor of the tea plantations and mild temperatures.

History of Country Sri Lanka

After the arrival of the Portuguese in 1505, Sri-Lanka was exposed to international trade. After that SriLanka was under the control of Dutch and British for five hundred years. With the downfall of Kandyan Kindom, British colonizers were able to take complete control over the island, whereas the Portuguese and Dutch ruled the maritime regions. Sri Lanka regained independence in 1948.

There is a vast and dynamic variety of cultural facets, arts, architecture and more. This has been shaped by the influence of Sri Lanka’s rich history. Sri Lanka has the distinction of being exposed to many cultures and many religions which left their impact in the shores of the island.

SriLanka has a private sector led, market oriented economy. Numerous opportunities are available for foreign investors. The country has a well balanced educational system. Sri Lanka has proud to have their own culture which is rich in virtues and traditional values. We invite you to come and experience this exotic paradise for yourself.

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