Why Women Should be allowed to Military?


The 21st century called the age of demonstrated equality of genders. Society claims that women are equal to men, and can do everything which men can do. Most people believe that, there have been enough women to prove that they have enough skills and abilities to achieve things, which people think only men can do. However, there is an exception to this, WAR. Women are not built for war, they do not have the strength to participate in military. It requires higher physical and mental stability, but they still want to try to succeed.

This is not because they want to serve for country as much, but also to prove society that women in military are as capable as men are. Although some critics allege that women’s serving in military benefits government’s prosperity, dozens of facts prove that women is not adequate for military.

Why Women Should be allowed to military?

There are several reasons why women should be allowed to participate in military, but there are much more reasons why they should not. Nature has made women physically weaker and less resistant than men. Women cannot match men in aggressiveness, physical stamina, endurance, and muscular strength in long-term situations. War requires a lot of training, stamina and physical strength, which are the main features of the men. Doctors and physicians researches show that even the most athletic woman does not have all of these qualities.

For instance, weapon technology has become much more enhanced, and weapons today are much easier to manage, however no matter how easy a weapon can be managed by a woman, it is always easier for a man than woman.

Soldiers have to carry heavy backpack, about 400 pound, plus a gun, and men have been trained to run while firing back and not to leave any soldiers behind, so they have to lift heavy backpack on their shoulders, a gun in their hands, and run as quickly as possible. The facts prove that a woman does not have the body build for these kinds of tasks.

Elizabeth Hoisington, one of the first women which attains the rank of Brigadier General in the U.S. Army and a leader of the Women’s Army Corps, claimed that combat roles are not advisable for women because they aren’t physically, mentally and emotionally adequate and sufficient for combat. She also claimed that allowing women to join combat would hurt the whole army, causing to “weak links in our armor.”Women in Military

Challenges of Women Serving in Military

The issue, women’s serving in military, also creates various challenges for their family. Families come across with a number of difficulties before, during, and after deployment. After releasing news of deployment to the family, emotional cycle of deployment begins. Mother fall apart from family for a long time and it result in several consequences for family. Family members at home changes, they may develop new relationships, growing up children etc.  According to Stamford university research, divorce rates for woman in military were two to four times higher than man in every category of the military. Kearney, the director of Women’s Voice newspaper, said:” it was true last year; it is true this year; it will be true next year.”

Destroying Gender Bais?

Many people believe that both men and women should serve in military as much as men. Allegation is that women should be required to serve in military service in order to destroy gender biases. According to oppositions, women are as capable as men, and there are much more women can do. Perhaps not the hardest and toughest jobs as men, but women should be able to serve in the military, not based on what they are capable of doing.

However, the argument about gender equality is no longer dominant. Women encounter with dozens of obstacles in military, sexual assault is only one of them. According to research by the Department of Veterans Affairs, about half of women are attended to Afghanistan or Iraq reported being sexual harassed.

Researchers of U.S.A Today have contacted 1,100 women who deployed to Iran or Afghanistan and asked their impressions about sexual assault, including rape issue. Unfortunately, 22,8 percent of women said that they had underwent sexual harassment in war zone. Sexual assault in the military has been in the spotlight over the past year.

To sum up, Allegations about women’s service in military is nonsense. There are certain things not made for women and the military is one of them. Women should not serve in military because of sexual assault, weaknesses, and family issue. Like men cannot have baby, women cannot serve in military.  As one wise old man, Warren Farrell, said: “ The weakness of men is facade of strength, the strength of woman is facade of weakness.”

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