Secret behind Naming and Addressing AN-DROID


The word “An-droid” is a piece of our social orders for such quite a while now. We have for some time been seeing, the coming of Technology and its headway. We have seen the start of android Gingerbread getting to be plainly well known in the majority. And we have left the improvement of Google Play applications alongside.  Fantasizing the methodologies with which we can change our lives to Greater great.


First of all, Google as an innovative organization. It looked into making headway in our work and demonstrating exclusively in charge of making conspicuous endeavors at the same. Coming to what we were going to discuss, was Android.


Etymologically android comprises of two words specifically an article, An and vivified word, droid. The word droid actually implies a robot and we definitely realize that a robot does what it is modified to do. So we have a little inquiry in our brain, for what reason does the word Droid utilize ‘a’ preceding it.

Truly, ‘An’ looks like claim to fame, strength of considerations and thoughts. So impressively Android is an uncommon sort of robot. Moreover, I emphasizes the role of a specific organization for the integrity and utilization in improving our every day lives and less demanding.

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