Primary Root Canals May Need Treatment Too


Unfortunately, the importance of treating primary teeth is often underestimated. Primary teeth are replaced by constant ones with time but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems similar to them that need to be solved.

Children’s Teeth Have Adult Problems

Our children’s teeth suffer from the same diseases as the constant teeth do – decay, pulpitis, periodontitis. Although there is a popular myth that says there’s no point in treating them, it is a mistake that can have serious negative consequences for your child. Primary teeth must be preserved. If they are lost too early, it will cause a distortion of the future constant teeth rows.

Why does that happen? When a tooth is extracted, and there is an empty space in a child’s mouth. The other teeth will move from their natural places in order to fill that space. As a result, when the constant tooth appears, its place will be already taken. It will require orthodontic treatment and will influence your child’s self-esteem.

This is why neglecting proper treatment for your child’s teeth or simply extracting them if the child suffers from toothache, is inappropriate. Be ready for treatment or prostheses if needed to be sure your child’s teeth will grow straight.

Pediatric Root Canal Treatment

Like constant teeth, the primary ones have roots, and these roots are temporary as well. When they fall out, these roots dissolve. But since they are there, they can have diseases. If there is a little of decay on your child’s tooth, you can get away with it with the help of a filling. But if the decay reaches the pulp, pediatric root canal treatment may be necessary.

It requires a bit of a different approach but the principles are the same. Root canals are filled with special material that dissolves as the roots naturally dissolve. This technique will not interfere with natural dentition process.

As root canals are treated, they are closed by a filling or a special crown if the decay significantly destroyed the primary tooth. It will require several visits to dentist to get all the things done. It is very important for the dentist to have a good contact with your child to make a pediatric root canal treatment less stressful for your child.

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