Pimples Causes and Preventions


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Prevent Pimples
Prevent Pimples

It’s a general Fact that we all are very conscious about our skin or beauty specially girls. Among many skin problems generation of pimples or acne is one of them. This is mainly with teenagers. As soon as girls or boys move to their Adolescent Stage they face this problem about how to Prevent Pimples. It is generally develop on the neck, shoulder and also on the backside of teenage guys. It is the stage of maturity when peoples get exposed on body. The most common area where pimples generally seen is face. People feel shy to go out with their faces full of pimples. There are many who lose their confident.

Regarding pimples, it is important to mention that this is not limited to only teenagers or young people. Adult men and women can also be affected by the problem of pimples or acne.

Major Causes of Pimples

·          Among the young people because of the consonant change of their development stage may bring about advancement of pimples or skin break out.

·          Sebum emission by the oil organs is one of the essential drivers behind the pimple era.

·          The androgens hormones that are created in the testicles, ovaries and adrenal organs, are discharged into the body, causes the skin to deliver more oil than is required for a solid skin. This additional oil causes pimples.

·        Over application of cosmetics may also cause the problem of acne. This problem is particularly with women.

·        Several medications can also be the cause of pimples. Like steroids, hormone treatments and many methods of birth control etc.

·        Sometime pimples generated genetically. Suppose if any of your parents have issue of pimples then it may simply pass on to you.

·        Not only women are victim of acne many men are also in this list. This is primarily with those who ignored pimple issue in their teenage .In their maturity stage they have to face the problem of pimples as they left it untreated.

How to Prevent Pimples

Prevention is always better than cure. So it’s better to use the prevention steps so that one’s doesn’t have to face the problem of pimples or acne.

·        Several time pimples generated from blackheads. This happens usually when the blackheads get inflamed and spread by touching the face with dirty hands. So in order to protect your face from pimple problem it’s better to wash your face at least once in a day and if your face is oily do it three or four times in a day.

·         Use medicated cleansers and specially those which contains salicylic and benzyl peroxide.

·        Don’t scrub your face roughly. As it may enhance the chance of blackhead inflammation.

·        Take help of dermatologist. Follow his guidelines to decrease your pimples.

·        Use the cosmetics or other beauty products as suggested by the dermatologist to protect you from the attack of pimples or acne.

We hope that this article will be sufficient to make you aware the causes of pimples and some ways to prevent them. In our next article you can find the natural ways and treatments to get rid of pimples.

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