PERFECTILLUSION New Single Album by Lady Gaga


Originally posted 2016-08-18 06:54:08.

PerfectIllusion Lady Gaga

Today Lady Gaga announced that her first single from upcoming album is called PERFECTILLUSION Lady Gaga due out this September.

Little Monsters are freaking out all around the world  because their Mother Monter announced through instagram and her official site that the new single will be available this september. There are rumors that Lady Gaga is filming some special show about making of new album that fans named LG5 will air in some time on HBO. Also the producers for new album are: Mark Ronson, RedOne, Tame Imapala and others.

PerfectIllusion Lady Gaga – New Single Album by Lady Gaga

Every single person in that fanbase wanted new music from Lady Gaga. Her last pop album ‘ARTPOP’ didn’t make success like everyone expected. But impact of Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ is more than you think. Each song on the album is very smart with a good lyrics. The promotion for this album was very low, singles were changing all the time. We got ‘Venus’ as the second single and after success that promotinal single ‘Do What U Want’ had, they put DWUW as second single and ‘Venus’ was only to promote. Then we got ‘G.U.Y’ as third single and video 11 mintes length including other song from the album as ‘Artpop’ and ‘Manicure’. All that madness was delicious for every journalist to talk about her unsuccess. After all the problems that Gaga solved with her menager, one year later she just wanted to play different game.

PerfectIllusion Lady Gaga

Tony Bennett is the oldest person alive in jazz music industry. He wanted to collaborate with Gaga, and record a whole jazz album with her. The duet album from Tony and Gaga came in September 2014, called ‘Cheek To Cheek’. The world was talking about Gaga’s voice and her abilities in this genre of music. Someone called her Chameleon in music, becaise she is so good singing Pop, Rock & Jazz. The reviews for their jazz album were amazing! How can person who wore meat dress can sing like this? Like seriously.

This album won a Grammy and still is selling worldwide. Only one word can describe this duo and that word is MAGIC! In the beggining of the next year the magic duo will go again in the studio to record the follow-up to very successfully Cheek2Cheek. And by the end of this year we can expect new pop album that include lead single #PERFECTILLUSION .

PerfectIllusion Lady Gaga

Recently Tony Bennett turns 90 years. The celebration that Americans gaves to honor Sir Bennett was amazing light show like Italian flag on The Empire State Building. Lady Gaga’s gift was huge cake with symbols that represent New York and Jazz. Many of artists honored Tony on his 90th special birthday concert like Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Frenklin and others. You can watch some of Lady Gaga’s performance on Tony’s 90th birthday here .

Also we had an opportunity to watch Lady Gaga as an actress in horror tv show ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ created by Ryan Murphy. For this major role as The Countess she won Golden Globe.

What do you think new album will sound?

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