OnePlus 3 Review: Ready for the latest OnePlus 3?


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OnePlus 3 Review: Things you need to know before buying OnePlus 3 online

Oppo owned OnePlus is ready with its latest iteration of the highly successful ‘OnePlus’ line up. Since the launch of One Plus One, the brand has become popular among tech enthusiast users partly because these mobile phones come with more tech and specs under the skin than much pricier alternatives and that is complimented by the sleek looks of the device. So the question is: if you are in the market to buy OnePlus 3 online, are you making the right decision by investing in it? Let’s understand this new phone better.

Three Big Positives Things of OnePlus 3

For the sake of impartiality and balance in our review, first we will touch upon the points that are in favour of this device. And then of course we will also see what’s amiss.  Let’s know what are the best advantages to use of OnePlus 3

Overall Build Quality

One thing that has always been in the favour of the OnePlus line of products is solid build quality. We Indians are good at juggling too many things than our limbs can take and that often leads to accidental drops and bumps. Now you would not want to drop a premium mobile phone because you were trying to grab the bus handle! Unfortunately, that happens a lot and OnePlus takes care of that with its aluminium uni-body design that can take a lot of beating. Back in the day, when OnePlus One was delivered (in 2014), there was nothing impressive to talk about the design. Now, it is as good as any flagship device, only cheaper and more chic.

Fingerprint Scanner

OnePlus 3 doesn’t break any new ground, but it makes the established players a little queasy in their seats with its fine execution of fingerprint scanning technology. The finger print reader (which also doubles up as the home button), is better than what you will find on an iPhone. What they have done is a simple matter of execution. The angle at which the finger print is placed makes it supremely easy to use and hence more practical.

An absolute bonkers of a battery charger

OPPO is the industry leader with its VOOC fast charging technology. You get a standard USB type C connector in the box along with OnePlus Dash Charger which improves charge time by producing a larger electric current and the charging operation continues at full speed even when you are playing games or listening to media on it simultaneously. In tests the battery gained about 60% charge in 25-30 minutes. Here is a screenshot of the Dash Charger at work.

OnePlus 3 Review Dash Charge
Dash Charging


What’s Disadvantages of OnePlus 3?

There is nothing in particular that stands out as far as shortcomings of this device are concerned. But the looks of the device is something many don’t really appreciate. We personally love the simplistic, good to hold in one hand design of the phone but some say OnePlus has cut corners on the design aspect to keep costs low. However, that is purely subjective and when you consider the sticker price you will perhaps not worry too much about it.

Another thing that you need to know is that some consider Qualcomm’s Quick Charge better than Dash Charge because the former can change how the mobile charges with variation in voltage which OnePlus does not.

Our Verdict

That ends our OnePlus 3 review, but all said, when you consider the price point at which the mobile is available, the host of connectivity features (including NFC) and the great design, 16 MP camera, 5.5 inch AMOLED screen, there is nothing not to like about it. Also the user experience is refreshing; there are no unnecessary bloatware to interfere with a pure Android 6.0 Marshmallow fun. OnePlus 3 (64 GB, Graphite) is available on Amazon for INR. 27,999.

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