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What is anorexia?

Anorexia is a kind of mental illness especially for youth and women. It is sometimes a disorder of appetite. Teenagers are the most targeted by this disease. They do not want to lose weight but they do not arrive to eat because of the facts that happen around them.


How to become anorexic?

These teenagers become anorexic because of the crisis of the adolescence, the lack of affection, the puberty and even the problems of parents and family. But, this does not mean that there is no will to become anorexic. Young women have a desire to become skinny because they want to be a supermodel or a mannequin. For that, they eat very little food. Sometimes, some do not support the anorexic regime so they fall ill and this situation leads to death.

Anorexia nervosa what is it?

is a disorder of feeding behaviour that affects young people in general. They refuse to eat, but drink a lot of water to fight against hunger. Symptoms of anorexia nervosa are based on limiting foods. When these adolescents begin to limit food, take measures . For girls, the absence of periods is one of the symptoms. It is noted that anorexics have a lack of confidence and feeling. To go out of the world of anorexia nervosa, medical and natural treatments are the fastest ways. Here are some treatments  to help you.

Treatments for anorexia

To have a good treatment especially for anorexia nervosa, fenugreek tea is helpful to combat this lack of appetite. For your preparation, boil water. Then, add a glass of fenugreek seeds in boiling water. Marinate for an hour for the dose is high. Drink a cup 3 times a day before each meal for your  treatment.

Otherwise, you can make a preparation with fenugreek seeds and honey to acquire a treatment of anorexia. In this case, crush fenugreek seeds in a mortar. Then, sift and collect the powder. Put the powder in a bowl and add 5 teaspoons of honey. Stir and let stand for 10 minutes to get a thick cream. For your anorexia treatment, take 1 or 2 teaspoons for 3 times a day before each meal.

To acquire a good treatment of anorexia and to regain the weight, it is suggested to eat food rich in vitamin A. This is found especially in carrot, tomato, fruits and green vegetables. It is also recommended to consume food rich in vitamin B1.  This is found in brewer’s yeast, fish, nuts, eggs, lentils and beans. Food rich in copper such as chocolate, grapes, oysters and liver help young people to fight against this disease.

The treatments for anorexia with natural remedies are just complementary approaches. So, do not use only natural products to treat this kind of dangerous disease. If you notice that your child eats irregularly, take action and look for medical adviser or a doctor if possible.


Treatments for anorexia nervosa

A preparation of lemon and honey is an effective treatment for anorexia nervosa and can stimulate appetite. To do this, press a lemon to extract the juice. Then, add 2 tablespoons of honey. Furthermore, add 3 drops of essential oil of lavender. Mix well and take 1 teaspoon before each meal .

Otherwise, the treatment prepared with an herbal tea of cinnamon pushes to eat normally. For your preparation, add 2 to 3 stalks cinnamon in 1 liter of water. Boil for 10 minutes. Drink one cup before each meal. This disease healing is very successful for an affected person.

Anorexia nervosa is a dangerous disease, so it is necessary to follow medical treatments including a hospitalization if necessary. Natural treatments complete the medical treatments. Weight recovery is the only one cure of anorexia so you need a nutritionist or a behaviour specialist to help you.

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