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The Wall by Pink Floyd is considered one of the most artistic and influential albums in the whole history of rock music. What I found most interesting about it was actually not the music itself, but the whole story about the character named Pink Floyd, which this album brings up.Therefore, this article is an attempt of analyzing the story conveyed in the lyrics. And the story is about a person who feels abandoned and thus desires to isolate himself completely from the outside world by building a mental wall, in which the bricks present each of the problem that the person has undergone. The best way track down Pink’s steps through the path of his life is to follow the stages of his life the way they are presented in the album. And how was it done? The plot was divided in four ”sides“ which album consists of, each one of them dealing with one of the stages in the life of the protagonist: childhood, adulthood and problems in marriage, psychological problems that led to the isolation, and….well, let’s not turn this introduction into a spoiler of The Wall by Pink Floyd!

The Wall – One of the Most Artistic Albums in Rock History

The Wall by Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd Music The Wall Album
Fan art promo poster of The Wall

Symbols the Story is Based on

To present and capture the meaning of this story in the right manner, it’s crucial to catch some symbols related to the story and also consider the psychological issues of the protagonist. While skimming through the story, it’s easy to notice that the wall, the bricks and the worms appear as main symbols. The wall itself is, (oh, so unexpected) a true symbol of isolation, whereas each of the bricks it is build of symbolize one of the problems Pink Floyd went through during his life. And those are very serious: the loss of his father who died in the Second World War (who he never got a chance to meet), than his consequentially over-protective mother, whose behavior affected Pink in such manner that he was unable to take care of himself on one hand, and to form healthy relationships with women on the other. So, the roots of the arguments he had with his wife later on of of their misunderstandings, should actually be sought in the behavior of his mom towards him. This mother – son relationship is lively and realistically presented in ”Mother“, one of the most popular tracks located on the Side One of the album, which has such a sinister and disturbing tone and atmosphere.

Relationships of the Protagonist

Later on, Pink’s relationship with his wife is described in many songs,most powerful of which is ”Empty Spaces“. The name itself gives the idea of a gap that appeared between two married people and how they don not have a clue on how to reconnect anymore. That’s one of the reasons Pink chose to hide behind his imaginary wall – he couldn’t figure out anymore how to deal with various relationships…and he was also hurt, misunderstood and mistreated so many times. But, isolation is still not a solution for the forsaken ones. That is why the song”Hey You“ was brought up to show the depth of loneliness that Pink felt once he lost any connection with the outside world.

The Wall by Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd Music The Wall Album
Within the World of isolation

The sorrow Pink felt because of the death of his father somehow turned into disappointment towards the government that forced people into war. Therefore, Pink needed to express his disobedience to different institutions of the society – and the educational system as by no means speared. That’s why the most popular song from this album ”Another Brick in the Wall“ (Part One) was produced. Fun fact about the song: students of a certain school in Great Britain were featured in it, singing some parts.

Well, this is nothing but a brief introduction in getting to know Pink Floyd, the main character of The Wall, which is definitely not only an album but a whole and compelling life story. And yes, the purpose of this article is just to tackle your curiosity and inspire you to do some research on this album and to listen to it, of course!

The Wall by Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd Music The Wall Album
If they had fun recording the album, so will you listening to it 


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