Manchester United coach may Leave United for PSG.


Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho has performed averagely in the English premier league. He may possibly Leave United for PSG sooner or later.On top of that, there is a great possibility that the  Red  Devils may be eliminated from the UEFA Champions League Cup.Not to mention that the odds are high for Manchester United to walk out trophyless in this 2017-2018 football season. Neither the fans nor the Glazier family will be content with such a result. At the end the special one my exit due to the following reasons

 The Failure of Manchester United to get Results against the small team

Ander Herrera suprised By Huddersfield First Goal. Picture adapted from the Daily Mail
Ander Herrera surprised By Huddersfield First Goal. Picture adapted from the Daily Mail

The Red Devils have struggled to beat the small teams. Talk of Huddersfield, Burnley, and Leicester where United hardly escaped with a win. Much blame has been put on the Red Devil striker Romelu Lukaku. Moreover, Some United fans are not happy with Jose Mourinho defensive system of play. This has not only been a prevalent situation this season but also in the last season. The season saw the Red Devils draw with a lot of small teams.

Manchester United coach statistics at other football clubs

The Manchester United manager has coached Real Madrid, Chelsea, Inter Milan, and Barcelona. There were uncertainties of whether Jose Mourinho will stay at this clubs for a longer time. More so, Jose Mourinho was provided with a lot of money to sign the world-class players. He was also accorded with a good working environment but he still left. The same May happen at United too.

Pep Guardiola statistic against the Manchester United Manager

Picture adapted from Metro
Picture adapted from Metro

Mourinho has not succeeded against Pep Guardiola. Their times at the Spanish Laliga can proof that. This brings a high possibility that United may fail to win the English Premier League. The Red Devils may also fail to win the UEFA Cup too. Plus, Pep Guardiola has shown consistency with his performance. Not only in the Bundesliga but also in the Spanish Laliga. Guardiola won the Spanish La Liga for three consecutive times with Barcelona. He also won four El-Classico four times in a row. Let’s not forget that he defeated United at the Old Trafford. Now, what may stop him from defeating United at the Etihad stadium?.The guy has not lost any game so far at the stadium.Not to mention he outplayed all the other big four teams. Even at Anfield, he nearly salvaged a point after going three goals down.

Pressure from the Manchester United Fans

The sacking of Moyes and van Gall may explain the need for performance at Manchester United. That notwithstanding, the falling out of  Romelu Lukaku among the United fans is another serious issue of consideration. The  United striker has not been performing against the big teams, to begin with. Wearing a United number 9 shirts needs you to perform for the team. Even the former wearer of that jersey Zlatan Ibrahimović gave us the carabao cup last year. This is what some Manchester United fans are angry about. Lukaku not finding the back of the net. They want utility out of the Manchester United striker. They want to see him compete with Harry Kane.

Pressure from former Manchester United Strikers

Picture adapted from you tube
Picture adapted from youtube

Former Manchester United strikers have performed Exemplary on big occasions. I just can’t forget Christiano Ronaldo 40 yard goal against Porto. Wayne Rooney acrobatic kick against Manchester City. Thus there is a lot of pressure from the fans for Lukaku to perform beyond his expectations. This may pile pressure on Mourinho. After all, he is the one that signed him. This pressure may probably force his exit at Manchester United.

PSG ability to pay for the Manchester United coach Services.

There is a higher possibility that Jose Mourinho may end up at PSG football club. This may be due to the fact that Mourinho likes the PSG way of spending.The team has signed a lot of world-class players, to begin with.  They are also willing and able to even spend more on a promising talent.Jose Mourinho may just need to sign a defensive midfielder. Probably Nemanja Matic.The guy has been Mourinho favourite.

Alex Fergusson Shadow at Manchester United.

Picture adapted from the Telegraph

Sir Alex Fergusson had a great time at the Old Trafford club. He won all cups with Manchester United. Besides that, the coach managed to guide other great aspiring coaches in his coaching career too. He did a lot of goods things for Manchester United. It would be best if he refrains from participating in any decision making the process at the club. Sir Alex Fergusson managerial role at the club has caused tension to incoming managers that may hinder their performance.

Fergie effect at Manchester United

David Moyes is no doubt a very good coach His coaching tenure at Everton Football club gave him a lot of experiences. His experience was not recognized at United. Moreso, Luis van Gall replaced David Moyes at United But Still, Luis Van Gall appointment did not either solve United problems. However, it may have changed the United style of Play. We cant dispute the fact that the coach had a lot of tons of Experience that was needed at Old Trafford. But the pressure from the top management became much for Luis Van Gaal to handle. This pressure may cause Jose Mourinho to exit from the club. Also, the Red Devils fans need to stop comparing Fergusson success to other incoming coaches. This may benefit the club a lot as much pressure may be eliminated from the incoming coach.

Manchester Fan Perspective

Picture of ManchesterUnited fans at Anfield Pictureadapted from Getty Images
Picture of ManchesterUnited fans at Anfield Picture adapted from Getty Images

I being a strong Red Devil Supporter, I probably just don’t see Jose Mourinho in a red shirt in the next three years. Jose Mourinho previous records and statistic odds as to whether the special one will stay at the Theatre of dreams for a long time are against him.On top of that, Mourinho had other great clubs that he could have coached for a long period of time. If Mourinho was not able to stay at Chelsea or Real Madrid, then is United expendable?Probably or probably not. Maybe we may force to recall Ryan Gigs, Sam Allardyce to follow in the shoes of Pep Guardiola.


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