How To Make Money Online?

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Are you looking for how to make money online Programs to earn good amount online by spending few hours daily?   Are you sure you want to make real money using the genuine programs which can pay for long term?   Let me share my real story which may motivate you or anybody else as I am also motivated by somebody to do this work. So, it was not really easy to make money in the start like today!…… ooops… let me start from begin!  Kindly read it…… 🙂

I remember the days when I started using Internet before 12 years when I was studying in intermediate college.   As I had chosen technical education, I had to search about projects, assignments and few educational details so, my family obtained an internet connection. I had the computer, which was gifted to me by my elder brother when I was in school.  Before having any internet connection, I used to practice many things on the computer and this helped me learn basics, programs and software which was a reason why I decided to major in computer technology field.

However, after internet connection to my home computer, which changed my whole life as I almost had become addict to the internet  and surfed day and night, no time for anything else, searching. searching and searching; anything about education, new programs, news, and everything related to things unknown to me.  In those days there were no social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter though those sites were launched during my internet surfing initial days, but I never had noticed them or ever visited them.   So, most of the times I had used to search some earning opportunities to support my family or to earn pocket money so that at least I could pay my internet bill.  I did not wanted to burden my parents with the internet connection bills which was the main reason that turned me to search more and more about “How to Make Money Online.”

How To Make Money Online? – My Experience

Now let me come to the point, how I started or found my earning opportunities online which made me today write this.   Earlier days when I had searched about how to make money online, I came across to some fake sites which offered some clicks jobs, filling forms, email work, data entry work etc. In first the first glance they gave the impression of being genuine, but after working on the projects, finishing the forms, when time came for the payment, I realized that the work was taken from me for free – as there were no payments! Initially, I was disappointed – spam offers, fake work and no possibility of finding actual work that could help me earn some cold hard cash

I found some data entry work, online jobs I tried them too, but again no payment!  So, I intensified my search, thorough research I did. After failing multiple times and facing countless rejections to payment I faced it. I became more mature with experienced as you can say.  I started focusing my search on how we can make money in long term instead of making instant money.  After some hard research I came across some site networks which offered Google AdSense revenue sharing program by posting articles on them. That seemed to be what I had been searching for long!

How To Make Money With Google AdSense

Wait.. until I found Google AdSense revenue sharing sites, almost 3 years had passed and I was using my home internet connection without being able to pay a penny for its charges! I was really fed up because of not finding  the right program that could really help me earn money.  Yes, I found Google AdSense -A genuine money making program by placing ads on your website but to my dismay, I had not website to place Google Ads!

I launched a few free blogs and  posted Google Ads, but not many people clicked on ads.  So, no earnings! I almost banged my head on the computer screen where Google AdSense was making faces to me. I was fed up and started clicking myself on own Google Ads. this time it was Google’s turn.  My Google AdSense account got blocked due to invalid ad clicks as I clicked myself on ads in my own blog which is against of Google AdSense Terms & Policy.

I had to go through another series of research and gaining knowing about money making programs, I wanted to know how to proceed, I came across some real valuable sites like,,, and a real network SpiderWorks Technology of Tony John Sir- The most famous and First Indian Blogger who had launched his first Blog in 1998, the top most earning blogger in India.

With the help of SpiderWorks Technology and guidelines of Tony John Sir, I developed my skills, and prepared myself well and I got the right path through SpiderWorks Technology where I had a role of Editor, webmaster to manage website, members issues and content authorizer.

I really Thanks to Tony John Sir with deep pleasure  and want to express my gratitude that today I am writing here because of Tony Sir.  Thanks to Tony Sir for the opportunity given to me when I was an amateure which helped me become more perfect in this field; I have reached higher levels in my knowledge and financial gains.  With the help of SpiderWorks Technology, I settle up and got confidence to make money online as a full time blogger.  However, it was not so easy to make money through blogging only, as you have to be very practical and regular in following up the work you are doing.

There are many other programs available on internet which offers you high class pay, but in reality, I am not sure whether they are real or not. Yes! I must say that Google AdSense is the most preferable online money making program in which authors, bloggers can make money through the contents they post.

Going ahead, I also want to add the comments that Google AdSense is not the only program available today in 2016 market of Internet to make money online as I can find programs like Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sale, Online Stores and there are many more which I never paid attention to!  Using those new money making programs we can make good amount of cash and to be very frank you need not to do a full time job any where when you can make money online through programs like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing programs and others.

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