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Charles Churchill once said, “Keep up appearances; there lies the test. The world will give you credit for the rest.” Indeed, for most of us, first impressions matter. And a part of keeping that first impression positive is having great fashion flair. Steele (2008) defined fashion as sets of clothing styles which are appropriate for a certain time. This implies a process of continuous change as time passes by.

It is evident to the transition of clothing from the 17th century when women wore farthingales. This was later on preceded by gowns worn with bustles – a padded frame at the back. And the men wore doublets and trunk hose, replaced by knee-length breeches, knee-length coats and a vest or a waist coat.

Come the 18th century, women’s fashion was all about loose, flowing gowns with pleats at shoulder level in the back. Eventually, they became wider in length, so women had to walk sideways through doors. Because of this, they started to wear simpler dresses with necklines cut lower where the neckerchief filled the open area. There were more innovations and designs that were made as years passed. And each year poses a new set of trend.

Now that a lot has changed from beliefs, situations, culture and fashion, let us take a look at the latest trends of the Filipino clothing style. Filipinos have adapted mostly the American and the Korean fashion because of technology and information. Some of the Filipinos are intrigued by their lines of clothing that’s why they tend to imitate.

Tank Top and Shorts
Tank Top and Shorts

Latest Filipino Fashion Trends:


People these days, they go out with their skinny jeans and their tank tops especially on a warm weather. They enjoy bathing in the cool air to ease themselves from the hotness of the burning sun. During the holidays, short pants are very hip to the Filipinos paired with their favorite denim shirts and blouses. Cardigans are also must have’s during this season. It’s a fashionable way of keeping warm the night gets cold.  Ray Bans are quite famous too. It looks cool with the shorts and the top as they walk on the humid roads. During summer, Filipinos also pair their outfits with ball caps and fedora hats to prevent the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating their skin.

In these cases, Filipinos love to wear their sandals and slippers aside from their designer shoes like Converse, Nike, Vans, and many others. Sometimes, they pair these shoe wear to their dresses and it would give off a cool, elegant, yet casual impression. They like to travel to many different cities fashionably to get their cameras agree with them during selfies, groupies and different fun activities.


Cool Weather:

Since there is no winter in the Philippines, Filipinos experience cool weather instead. In the higher areas, the cold temperature is enough to freeze their crops. This is the reason why during these weather, Filipinos like to wear their jeans along with their boots. They also like pairing these garments with a matching scarf and a beanie hat. Most likely, they wear their varsity jackets and their hip hop jackets in this season to keep them warm.

Rainy Season:

In the Philippines, particularly in the lowlands, cities are prone to floods duriTop-quality-Mens-Jacket-Hoodie-Hip-Hop-Coat-plus-velvet-thermal-street-skateboard-sweatshirt-painted-doodleng the rainy season. This is the reason why Filipinos like to wear their high-cut boots along with their waterproof jackets and bag. They also like to match it with their scarves and their bonnets to agree with their clothing line. Most people like to match the color of their boots to their top and their bonnets to make them look fashionable. But if they feel like the colors don’t match, they look for alternative ways to complement the colors of their garments.

There are many different fashion styles in the Philippines. But these by far stand up the most. You don’t have to wonder why different people wear same kinds of fashion with different styles and color. These fashion trends are really easy to match up to other clothing. It is also easy to blend with other fashion lines. This is the reason why Filipinos go along with this trend for its popularity, comfort and blend to the society and culture.

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