3 Proven Home Remedies For Kidney Stones


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home remedies for kidney stones
Looking for instant solutions to minor kidney stones infections? Try these home remedies and observe positive results

Whether you live in the South or the West region of the entire world, Kidney stones is one of the common disease affecting a million of people every year. Being the most useful body organ, kidneys play an important role in the purification of blood and removal of waste material in the form of urine.

A number of affectees suffer greatly with the pain caused by kidney stones. Several people go for the removal by the latest surgeries whereas few remain stick to the effective home remedies for kidney stones. Sometimes, proven home remedies do wonders for small kidney stones and kidney infections. But, it is highly recommended to get treated with health experts and doctors about any complaints regarding kidney issues.

According to famous health research and proven results few home remedies are effective in dissolving the stones inside the organ and get the particles discharged through the urine.

Effective Kidney Stones Home Remedies

Here are the following 7 proven ways to treat kidney stones with the help of home remedies. It is again advised to strictly follow the doctor’s advice before implementing any remedy. Friendly experts always guide you toward a right direction that is just not fruitful but also beneficial.

Small Kidney stones if treated at an early stage have more chances to pass through the urine. In most of the cases, it goes unnoticed by the human eye due to the tiny size.

Have a quick read to know some home remedies that can bring positive results to the health conditions.

1)A lot of water – There is nothing more magical than drinking a sufficient amount of water. Pure water is considered as the best treatment for any of the kidney disease.

A proper water intake is necessary to observe visible changes in pain and other symptoms of kidney infections. The main purpose of drinking water is to hydrate the body. There are numerous hidden facts of drinking water which go unnoticed by many of us.

Usually, it is said to drink 12 glass of water every day. But, people with kidney infections are advised to drink even more than that. Establishing a water intake routine will help you to get a fresh day, healthy conditions, strengthened the body and fewer kidney infections.

2)A mixture of lemon and olive oil – The two basic ingredient in kitchen’s cabinet provides an effective remedy to treat kidney problems. Many patients have admired the solution of lemon juice and olive oil.

If you are susceptible to having a minor kidney stone then this remedy is just perfect to implement. A concoction of few drops of lemon juice and olive oil has the potential to break the rigid stone into small particles. These tiny particles find their way to pass out through the urine.

Take 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and add an equal amount of olive oil. Follow the mixture with 8 ounces of pure water. People have recommended drinking the mixture in the morning time. Feel free to discuss it with your health consultant to the kidney specialist before trying this remedy.

3)Apple Cider Vinegar – One of the most common beneficial ingredient is apple cider vinegar that is helpful in treating several improper health conditions. ACV is used to dilute kidney stones and also prevents the formation of other stones in the body organ.

The affected can have 1 or 2 tablespoons of vinegar with 8 ounces of water. Try this remedy for a few days to observe notable results. Always, discuss the doctor before trying any remedy.

A mixture following 1 tsp of vinegar with 2 tsp of raw honey also treats small kidney stones.

Tip: Reduce the intake of apple cider vinegar if you suffer from stomach pain.

Researchers have shown that natural ingredients have proven to be helpful in treating the ailments at an early stage. However, complexities in diseases can only be treated with the help of medications, prescribed by doctors and experts.

Did you try any other effective home remedy for kidney stones?

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