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Has it ever come across your mind to be an international student setting sail?  rebel, leave everything behind your back and fly? Sure it has.

If you are a national of one the developing countries then possibly you thought of moving every day at least once. It’s a good idea to set sail and brave out as an expat. However, you might as well overlook some of the aspects of living as an expat.

How International Student Setting Sail Starts

Teens in their early twenties normally get obsessed with travelling specially if there’s something promising ahead that they will die to pursue. First thing that might trigger to their minds is the length of stay. Being a student can guarantee a lengthy stay on a student visa, also you have the right to work as a part-timer.

Well, that sounds like fun and challenging but how does it work out later on?

The Culture Difference Right Upon Arrival

As soon as I arrived to my dream destination, actually it is one of the major and busiest cities in Europe. I was impressed with the huge underground network that goes back to more than 150 years.

7 o’clock in the morning you can barely stop for a cup of coffee. The city is moving so fast, everyone is rushing to their office, either by train, cycling or driving. Unless you can keep up with this culture, you are definitely lagging behind.

After getting familiar with transportation and spending few days in a hostel, I had to find a place to stay in and here was the surprise. You can pay nearly the same for what you can pay in a luxury hotel in this city. The prices are absurdly soaring.

Making ends meet and getting around the city

Later on I had to find myself a part time job, after a lot of trials I was able to fit myself in a catering job. Well, not the best one but if you are a student not everyone will really look forward to hiring you.

The fact that you are on the minimum wage makes you write down a bucket list for anything you wish to buy starting from necessities all the way up to high quality king prawns.

Now that I worked my way around the city, I decided to pay for a monthly travel card, obviously that was once and for all. Commuting around this city was more of a joke, for the same price you can buy a return ticket to your neighbor country. To put it simply, a bike can save you tons of cash if you are fit enough to hold the bar and jump on the saddle.

Getting into the swing of International Student Setting Sail

After a few months struggling I was able to get by with a part time job in a hotel kitchen.

With my hands looking like that of a reptile because of the endless dishes and trays I had to wash every day I had to finish my assignments before their deadline.

The fact that I had to work and study to earn my keep wasn’t actually my perception of being an expat.

However and without doubt, this certainly helped me cope with tough moments and have a better insight of life. I believe you can figure out the name of the city, they call it “the old smoke”

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