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7 things to know before you start a blog
Are you troubling with lots of queries before starting a blog? Follow these pre-blog steps to ensure successful blogging

Are you thinking to start a blog this year? Have you done the plannings, the blog ideas, and all the pre-blog work? Whether you are in between brainstorming blog ideas or just about to create a new blog, this post is for you.

I understand, you must be facing a lot of questions these days.

… What should be the first step?

……. How can I create excessive content?

……….. Should I use WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger?

These questions increase as time passes. Every new blogger comes up with a different query and internet reveals the answers.

Let’s talk about the important 7 things you must know before you start a blog. Every beginner has to keep a check on following things before he/she moves to blogging.

7 things to know before you start a blog

These are the few essential things you’ll have to pay attention while entering the field of blogging. Let me tell you this is a fascinating journey of Ups and Downs. Keep tight and focused.

1)  Wordpress is the best choice

Whether you wish to create a free blog or a self-hosted blog, WordPress is a perfect choice. But, Why?

If you are the one who is looking for an entirely free blog setup then WordPress is of great use. You just need to sign up and start blogging. If you are just a newbie and do not have much access to blogging then the free platform will work for you.

Otherwise, is also the recommended self-hosted blogging platform for the new bloggers.

WordPress have created a number of free tutorials, guidelines, and articles to help the newbies to get started. Several free themes and plugins are also the attractive reasons to choose WordPress.

2)  Visual content plays an essential part

Likewise content, visual images equally play an important role in the blogging. Nowadays, people are giving equal importance to creating images. It is also the overall look of the blog post that grows the blog.

I agree that Google is a great way to find tons of pictures. But, you can also create pictures of your own or download it from stock images websites. The unique the image is, the more interaction it will build with the audience.

3)  Blog Content Ideas

Undoubtedly, it is incredibly easy to start a blog. But, once you create a blog you’ll need a lot of ideas for articles. Not just weekly or monthly, a blogger has to publish something within few days.

Once you’ve decided the blog niche, it is important to collect ideas. The Internet is flooded with numerous articles and ways to create more. Create articles that are more informative, readable and knowledgeable.

Every successful author was once a beginner too. Every newbie undergoes several challenges, be it blogging or writing. Being a writer, he/she will first have to overcome the writing challenges and to start blogging flawlessly.

4)  The criteria to publish a post

Many new bloggers just write an article and publish it straight to the site. This method won’t work now. As there is a massive competition in the blogging field, the publisher has to note down the basic steps and follow each step carefully.

It requires adding content, checking for any spelling errors, focusing Keywords, attractive image, tags, and required categories. It is recommended to go through available videos on the internet to publish a post successfully.

5)  Time to make connections early

This is actually important. You may not realize it today but to survive in the blogging field you have to establish connections as soon as possible.

If you are planning to start a blog next year then you should make connections with other successful blogs. It is a good idea to boost up interaction with the bloggers in your niche.

Social media platforms are a helpful way to build connections. Share their content and mention them on your social profile.

6)  A responsive blog design is necessary

People prefer mobile phones and tablets more to view the content. For that reason, a responsive blog design is essential to get valuable traffic. A lot of readers navigate to other sites due to bad user experience.

The web design should also be attractive and catchy. The audience of 2016 wants blogs to look equally beautiful as the content.

7)  Competition Analysis

No one thinks about the harsh competition. Many bloggers do zero research work before they come up with a blog post. The blogger has to do a little bit research because almost every article has been written before. That’s why the writer has to come up with something unique and new.

There are many tools that will help the bloggers to know about the keywords, SEO, and statistics. Google Analytics is also one such helpful tool that works best for the bloggers, authors and webmasters. It is even free to use.

Do you want to know more before starting a blog?

I’ve mentioned all those aspects of blogging that are mostly hidden or not tested before. Otherwise, there are several other practices to do before jumping into blogging.

I’d really want to know how these 7 things can be helpful for you?

I would appreciate your thoughts on the post and even if you have some queries I’d love to respond.

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