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I have eventually developed a practice to use Google Keyword Planner which is under Google Adwords, whenever I write an article.  Google’s Keyword Planner Tool is very easy to use. It is a great tool to find relevant keywords that match with your topics.  Here I’ve given a brief information about how Keyword Planner Tool is helpful to rank in top search results pages of any search engine like Google Search Engine, if you want to target your audience.

I provided some step by step guidelines which can be useful for beginners to find relevant keywords for their niche blogs articles.

What is Keyword Planner Tool Actually?

Keyword Planner Tool is a service provided by Google Adwords for Advertisers to find competitive keywords to advertise with Google. It is a set of keywords with average bids and monthly search volumes for every keyword. You can easily find the competitive keyword for your niche topic and by using a particular keyword, you can try to rank in #1 in search engine results pages subject.  I have mentioned below how we can use Keyword Planner Tool.

Step By Step Keyword Planner Tool – How to Find Highest AdSense CPC and Increase Website Traffic

This article is written assuming that you have a Google AdWord’s account, can login to your account, and can see the login screen of Adword as shown below.

Google Adword Login Home
Google Adword Login Home

If you dont have Google Adword account, then Sign Up at

You can read the useful article about how to begin with Google Adwords, in which we have given step by step guidelines to sign up adwords account.


Now, move to Tool menu and select Keyword Planner. You may find following screen:

Google Adword Login Home Keyword Planner
Google Adword Login Home Keyword Planner

Next, click on “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category” which will open a text box, where you can find:

Enter one or more of the following:

Your product or service

Here, you have to enter the phrase or keyword to find your topic search engine friendly keyword. [For example – we’re giving example of how to find “wordpress themes”]

Type – “WordPress Themes”  in the text box and click on Get Ideas as shows in following image

Google Adword Login Home Keyword Planner Type Keyword Phrase
Google Adword Login Home Keyword Planner Type Keyword Phrase


After you click on Get Ideas, you will now redirect to the “Keyword Planner Add ideas to your plan”

We have given 01 to 05 important factors that are quite basic to use and find relevant keywords through Keyword Planner Tool.   Please check through following image to learn about the five factors of this tool.

Keyword Planner – Google AdWords
[Keyword Planner Tool]

Five Important Factors of Keyword Planner Tool

01. Targeting – simply click on the “(?)” mark that is present near the Targeting, which clearly says that you can see ideas, statistics, or traffic estimates for the settings that you select.  You can also select the location where you want to target the specific keyword or want to neglect the keyword from any specific location also!

02. Your product or service – You can easily navigate to another relevant keyword to find appropriate keyword or long tail keyword to match with your contents or topic.   You can also Modify the search which you used before step 01 and easily modify the same.

03. Search Terms, Keyword (By relevance) – This is the main factor for which you need to work a lot to find the best keyword, suitable for your niche blog articles or website, that will help to rank in top search results pages. Just type the phrase as shown in step 02 and get keywords by relevance in the step 03.

04. Average Monthly Searches – If you want to find niche topics or want to affiliate marketing of specific product or service, then the average monthly searches is the required factor here.

05. By using the majority of high volume average monthly searches, you can specify the keyword by finding the competition of the keyword in search engine manually.  The competition column is for Advertisers so to find the competition of a particular topic.

06. Suggested Bid – It is the last of all important factors in terms of targeting CPC programs like Google AdSense. While selecting the keyword, we need to keep an eye on high “Suggested Bid” . It is on an Advertiser’s capability that how much they can bid for a particular keyword which they have to pay to the Google for the advertisement program – Google Adwords.

If you are a Google AdSense Publisher, then do you know how much percentage Google shares with the Publishers?  Have got any authentic source of how much amount Google share with their Google AdSense publishers?  Well, experts says that Google shares about 65 to 67% amount of what they receive from the advertisers.

For example – in Step 05, if a particular keyword’s suggested bid is $1, then AdSense publishers can expect about 0.50$ – 060$ only if Google is sharing 65%-67% of it (owing to the local taxes and charges applicable to Google Publishers).

Please note that this is just a rough statistic, but we can expect tentative figure 65% as said by the AdSense experts on their blogs.

So, we can conclude that if a keyword’s suggested bid is $1, then the AdSense publisher can expect upto 60 cents for their niche topics in the AdSense subject to the advertisement programs and the relevant ads that shows up on their website.  Likewise, if a keyword suggested bid is $10 (!), then we publishers can expect CPC – cost per click – $6 which is an excellent CPC, isnt it! 🙂

Important Things You Should Know While Using Keyword Planner

01. Note that the Keyword Planner Tool is a platform for Google Advertisers to bid for a keyword at given suggested bid price.

02. Google AdSense publishers may use the same platform to find approximate Cost Per Click – CPC for particular keyword at the rate what Google offers to their AdSense Publishers – [As Mentioned in the Above examples]

03. Use the Keyword Planner to find Best keywords which can help to find search engine friendly keywords that can help optimize your niche blogs,articles and hence, to drive up your business through website traffic.

04. You can also find the targeting as mentioned in the above image point number 01 to target your services in a particular City, State, Country.    You can also demote, disable or block the countries, cities, states in which your website/blog not show up in the search results pages.   This service is available with Google and very useful for the advertisers to block specific countries from reaching the webpage.

05. Do you want to increase niche website or blog traffic? Do you want to increase AdSense revenue? then make a habit of Google Keyword Planner which is a really amazing keyword tool by the Google.

If you have any queries or want to learn any more information about Google Adwords or Google Keyword Planner Tool, then please comment below.

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