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Having the perfect skin has never been as important in history as it is now. With the rise of social media, and easy to use photo editors, women are facing more judgment about how they look. Skin can be a huge tell on how you are taking care of yourself and if you’re valuing yourself. While we can airbrush our photos to look perfect, there are a lot of secrets skin perfect tips that you can use to get perfect skin in real life.

Here, we have given 10 Tips  To Make Your Skin Perfect!

  1. Find Your Skin Type

Many brands make specialized formulas for different skin types, and have the best chance at giving you the results that you want. It is easy to do at home. You just have to follow these three steps.

-Wash Your Face

This is to remove all the makeup, oil, and dirt from your face, so your skin can have a fresh start

– Wait

Two hours are the best tell time, as the skin has time to restart, and do not apply any products.

– Study Your Skin

There are natural characteristics to all four types of skin. Here is what you are looking for:

Normal – Will not have signs of oiliness or flaking, and feels smooth and normal.

Oily – Will look shiny and could feel slick when you touch the skin. Oily skin is prone to breakouts.

Dry – May have flaky areas, and will feel tight.

Combination – This is all of the above, and the most common skin type. The T-Zone (forehead, nose, and chin) is oily, and the rest of the skin can be normal to dry.

  1. Exfoliate and Moisturize

It does not matter what skin type you have, if you want to have soft flawless skin, you need to treat your skin. Exfoliating your skin removes the dead skin, Lush makes great exfoliators, or you can make your own with items in salt, sugar, oats or coffee grounds. Some people with oil skin will stay clear of moisturizers, this can lead to oilier skin in the long run. Dry skin also can be caused by using the wrong products.

Finding a moisturizer that moisturizes the skin without being too heavy can challenge. Live Clean, Green Beaver, Andalou and Derma E have great options for all skin types. 

  1. Masks

Masks should be done once every one or two weeks depending on how your skin in doing. There are a lot of different masks out there, and most skin care brands have their own masks that are designed to work alongside their other products. However, you can make your own mask with just two ingredients. If you are looking to have clear skin, try making a mask from 2 Tsp honey and a Tsp of lemon juice, and leave it on for 30 minutes. If you are looking to clear up acne, then use a mask made from 2 Tsp honey and a Tsp of cinnamon.

This mask should only be on for 10 to 15 minutes, and rinsed with ice-cold water. This mask does sting for a few minutes, and you should do a patch test before using on your face.

  1. Hydrate

Staying hydrated is not just good for your overall health, but also for how your skin looks, and feels. How much water you need in the run of a day varies, but six to eight 8-ounce glasses is what you should be aiming for. You should have a water bottle that you do not mind carrying around, and keep it filled so you have no excuse to not drink water. If you are not a fan of plain water, you can add lemon, cucumber, or other fruits to give the water some flavor.

  1. Scrub Your Lips

Do not forget about your lips. Your lips are more prone to dry out and become flaky. Scrubbing your lips does not take long, and most lip scrubs you can just lick right off. Lush makes flavored sugar lip scrubs, or you can just use sugar and olive or coconut oil to make your own DIY lip scrub.

  1. SPF

One of the most important parts of taking care of your skin is protecting it from the harmful rays that the sun produces. The UV rays can quickly add years to your face. UV rays can cause skin discoloration, brown spots, and premature wrinkles. Try to find a moisturizer with SPF, or find a sunscreen that is moisturizing like the Alba Botanica sunscreen lotions. You should also have SPF in your balm as sunburns on the lip hurt.

  1. Throw Out Old Makeup

Old makeup and dirty brushes can cause break outs, due the bacteria that gets on the product. Makeup does have an expiry date, and most people do not know how long you should have the items for. Powders can just about last forever, if you sanitize them with alcohol every one or two months. Just about every other makeup product has an expiry date of under a year, but the four main things that you need to worry about are mascara, face primer, foundation, and concealer. These get the most bacteria growth that you cannot control, unless they come with a pump.

Skin care also has a short time that it is good for, most are good for around a year, but check the packaging to see if it was a container with a number in it (that is how long it is good for after you open it), or a real date print on it.

  1. Wash Your Brushes

Makeup brushes can hold on to germs and bacteria that can cause you break outs. You should try to wash your brushes once a week, but you can wait up to two weeks depending on the products you are using. There are special brush shampoos; however, you can use a gentle facial cleanser, or baby shampoo to wash your brushes. You can also sanitize them with alcohol and a paper towel between washes if you are having break outs, or have sensitive skin.

  1. You Are What You Eat 

Your skin is the largest organ in the body, and is affected by everything that you eat and drink. If you are looking to have better skin, you should look at what you are eating.  You should try to cut out the junk, like fast foods, and sugary drinks, and replace them with fruits and vegetables. 

  1. Natural or Organic Makeup

Like what you eat affects your skin, what you put on your skin affects how it looks. There are a lot of not so great chemicals that are found in makeup, but luckily, there are more brands that are selling natural and organic makeup. Physician’s Formula has its Organic Wear line, and Pacifica is other well-known organic brand. If you are on a budget, and willing to wait for shipping, The All Natural Face, and Silk Naturals are two best brands that list most of their products under $10.

Having perfect skin is a lot of work, and may mean that there is going to be some small lifestyle changes. Even if you never achieve perfect skin, what is important is to love yourself, and do the best you can in order to take care of your skin.

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