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Originally posted 2016-06-25 13:51:11. is an online Platform  of Blog, Content Writers to submit own articles, materials and testimonials which own by the writers or contributors.  We also offer Free service to our Authors to make money from their own articles through Google’s AdSense program.  Read further to know how you can write and make money online from!

 Post Articles To Make Money Life Long!

  • offers earning opportunity to our writers who submit articles on regular basis can earn through Google’s Ads Publisher Program Google AdSense.
  • Google AdSense is one of the most genuine, trustful program tmake money online
    o earn from websites, articles and authors can make good money from their consistence writings.  Authors can write on user interest subjects such as Career & Educational, Business, Latest News, Travel, Technology, Lifestyles, Health, Automobile and all the other subjects.

What is Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program?

  • You can read more about what is Google AdSense and know how to earn maximum with the AdSense publisher program.
  • At present, we’re offering 100% revenue sharing program that means, our authors can earn 100% revenue generated from their own articles Ads hits.
  • In case, you do not have Google AdSense, then you may apply for the Google AdSense account with our help and we would like to help to get your account so as you can earn from our website.

How Authors Google AdSense Ads will be Link?

  • We’re using Google AdSense Revenue Sharing WordPress Plugins so that AdSense Ads code will be placed on right articles of the Authors so that whenever Visitors will hit on the Ads, our authors will earn directly in their Google AdSense account.
  • This should be with trustful and transparent and authors will get the full amount generated from the ads clicks on the Google Ads.

For Example – If Author – “Markson” have published articles and have linked AdSense account then only Markson’s AdSense account Ads will be published and he can track earning report directly from his AdSense account where all the records of total clicks, total revenue reports can be view only by Markson.

How Much Authors Can Earn From Google AdSense Program?

The mostly, 99.99% asked question by our recently joined Authors is How Much Money I can Make with UnoBurg + Google AdSense.    Yes! they must ask this question that how much they can earn through Google AdSense Program as they are contributing in the website to earn money!

Regarding payments and earnings, I must say Regular Contribute+Long Term view can win our authors to earn maximum from the AdSense program.

It is depends on the topics which authors have articles written plus it is strongly depends on the Volume of the visitors, number of search interest, target group of the users.

So while contributing in the we request our Authors to select topics which have regular visitors, target to specific groups such as the entities like Students looks for educational articles, job seekers looks for career opportunities, Health and Medical, Business, Travel Tourism, Technology, Automobile, Cultural, Lifestyles and many more..

How To Select Best Topics To Write Articles?

Now the question is that, how to select best topic and how to know which topic Authors should write for?    Do not worry, I will be there with regular tips and suggestions which will be helpful to all Authors to write the topics that can bring consistent traffic visitors to our articles.

I will also share how to find relevant topics and how to write perfect articles to fetch maximum traffic from the available traffic sources.    I am here to support our authors to help them to build up their profile to make good revenue from AdSense.

So Authors, kindly keep in touch with me to get quick tips and helpful guidelines which can help us together to gather our success!

If you’ve any queries, please feel free to contact or comment below!

Note:- As of 26 June 2016, We’ve not placed Google Ads as our website blog launched on 17 June 2016 and we have received 40+ articles.   We’ll start with Google Ads from 1st July, 2016 with all our eligible Authors.   You can check how to become Author and what is eligibility.

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