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Are you looking for healthy hair care? We’ve given below information about Hair how to Maintain Healthy Hair tease your hair care your hair love your hair, and help your hair grow and flourish by paying close attention to it.   (For All Hair Textures)

1: First Thing to Keep Your Hair Care Moisturized

Keep it Moisturized: Dry hair is a no no. Dryness on your hair strands causes breakage and frizziness.

It also makes your hair look dry, dull, and not presentable or attractive. Dryness to your scalp can cause itchiness, dandruff, and is a friendly place for lice. Having your hair feel like steel wool is not ideal at all.

A way to prevent this tragedy is simple. Oil and conditioners for those with thick hair using oil weekly are essential.

Oil (argon, coconut, olive, etc) should be applied to the scalp and to the ends of the strands specifically.

This will help growth and prevent damage especially if your hair is chemically treated (perm or dye).

For those with finer hair you probably have an abundance of natural oils and you don’t want to add any more.

To keep your hair from looking greasy and from looking dry simply deep condition the hair once a week.

You can place any deep conditioner or natural hair mask on your whole hair for about thirty minutes under some heat and it should provide enough moisture. Oil is an essential for your hair to look slick, pretty, and beautiful.

2: Wash Your Hair

Wash Your Hair: Those with thicker or courser hair do not wash their hair that often, and you shouldn’t… With thicker hair, it is harder for it to get dirty quickly. And also if you wash your hair everyday it would harm your hair and your scalp. A typical weekly wash will have your hair clean and healthy. For those with finer hair, the oil from your scalp easily slides into the strands and makes your hair look greasy which is not ideal. By washing it every one or two days your hair will maintain its sleekness without the extra dirt.

3: Style Your Hair Care At Night Time

Style it: When going to bed most people like to leave their hair care out. That is a big NO. Most bedspreads are cotton and cotton damages your hair, causes breakage and take away moisture. If you have silk sheets it is fine to leave the hair out but it is still not ideal. By placing your hair into two French braids or any type of braid, the amount varies, before going to bed you can avoid breakage. By the hair being placed in that lock, it allows it to keep its shape and protect it from your pillow and sheets. This also helps for a cute curly “do” when you wake up and take the braids out.

4: Use of Safe Products

Safe Products: Last but not least make sure you don’t damage your hair with the products or methods you use.

Make sure all your hair products are safe and good for your hair. For example, you don’t want anything with sodium, sulfate, or any mineral based substance in your hair. Keep it natural and your hair will look fabulous. When styling your hair stay away from gels and hairspray.

While you can use these items it is best to not see them to often. This could cause your hair to break easily or if you have curly hair- damage the curl pattern.

If you are going to use those types of products make sure you have deep conditioner or some type of moisturizing products under it as a base.

Also stay away from tight hairstyles as this can damage the edge of your scalp and stretch the strands to the point of breakage.
If you follow all these steps it is an almost guarantee your hair will look flawless. None of these: breakage dryness greasiness.

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