How to Earn Cash with AdSense – A Step by Step Guide



Step by Step Guide To Earn Money Cash With Google AdSense

Earning good cash online is such an enticing chance that no one can resist wishing finding one. It looks easy and comfy to stay at home by your laptop or PC and cash your cheque at the bank any time you need. Actually online business is reliable, secured and profitable. One of the most reliable sources of earning cash is through Google AdSense.

This incredible opportunity is at your table top and you even do not know about it? It is never too late with online businesses and starting right at this moment is as profitable as it was a few months or a year back. But you need to get started with right steps and accurate strategy to make a successful start. Here are the steps to start with:

1. Launch Your Blog or Website

If you are at a position to invest some cash in launching a website, that is well and fine. Starting absolutely free is also possible in order to earn. But paid websites allow you to earn long term from Google AdSense. Opening a website or a blog for coaching, tutoring, spreading awareness about fitness, introducing new trends in clothes and shoes, cooking, selling software, etc are all profitable options. For a blog, choose, Google is more familiar with it.

2. Choose Appealing Design and Easy Navigation

Suitable and good design is essential for attracting Google AdSense. Keep the navigation of your site easy and user-friendly by all necessary steps.

3. Pay Focused Attention to SEO of Your Website/Blog

Write the content either of your blog or website with proper SEO. Choose top best keywords to add in the content. Every topic has its own keywords and finding them is easy through Google Keyword Planner. Once you get them, sprinkle them in the content all over. The first important thing in SEO is the right placement of keywords. SEO includes other necessary things also but you focus first on the on-page SEO.

4. Write Informative, Quality, Error-Free Content

Quality is the quest of Google AdSense. Write fresh content rich with information and no fluff. Grammatical errors can kill all your efforts. Make sure that you proofread your contents multiple times and check it on a language checking software also. Google will disqualify your website for its AdSense program if it has errors or content is fluff and not fresh and informative. Another damaging factor is plagiarized contents.

Anything even if a paragraph copied from another website and pasted in your web content, will bring down your website at level zero. Forget about AdSense, Google will block your website or blog completely for plagiarism.


5. Bring Traffic to Your Website To Earn in Google AdSense Program

Now you have a stylish website, quality content, top keywords, user-friendly format and fresh information. Focus on increasing traffic. Shout-outs at social media websites about your services or products and increasing your social circle brings more traffic to your website. The more visitors you have, the more chances are there to get approved by Google AdSense program. Google wants the ads to be seen by masses and clicked.

This is Google’s earning opportunity and you need to show huge number of visitors in order to impress Google.If you have completed these 5 steps above, your website or blog is ready to be approved by Google. Apply for an AdSense account. You read the detailed process at what is Google AdSense and How it Works.

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