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Internal communication strategies pave way towards achieving good understanding and communication between managers and employees. This is how you inculcate the importance of your company in the employees and subsequently they work relevantly to the company’s purposes and strategic goals. Here are certain effective communication approaches to encourage behaviors that advance your strategy and improve your skills.

8 Tips For Effective Communication

  • Deliver a simple and deep message.  Delivering a simple, motivating and inspiring message with deeper meaning that is well articulated for employees, will help them to connect their routine efforts in line with the company’s aspiration.
  • Use the discipline of a framework. Before delivering messages to employees, they should be sequenced and given priority depending upon their purpose. Don’t deliver jumbled up messages that cannot communicate the required information leading to ambiguities.
  • Think broader than the typical delivered message.  Delivering important messages through designated teams can be more persuasive than having a strictly top-down approach. Secondly instead of “big launch event and disappear” approach, integrate regular communications into employee’s daily routines through detailed planning.
  • Construct behavior depending on market and customer insights. By building internal campaigns based on market and customer insights, you bring your strategy to life for your employees. Packaging of content and provision of easy to implement formats for bringing their teams together. The purpose is to encourage employees and to generate new ideas and new behaviors based on what they’ve learned.
  • Be what you are. The most important aspect of communication is to “be real”… Authentic and well delivered messages from a commander will help employees see the challenges and opportunities as he see them and understand the way he is trying to take his organisation.
  • Utter stories for relevance.  Take the help of stories to bring moral values to the company and help employees in making them clear about your strategy. Also give them real-life examples of progress and shortfalls against it. Do Ask employees to share stories as well, these stories and conversations will be a strong influence on positive culture-building behavior that relates to your core purpose and strategic goals. Facts and figures are not remembered but stories will.
  • Use best media and achieve surprise. Consider the role of social media, networking, blogs, and games to get the word out in ways that your employees are used to engaging in. The medium says a lot and aim to catch people somewhere that they would least expect it.
  •  Do make investments. Employees are the largest expense to an organisation because they are directly in contact with the customers and solely control the brand equity which customers have in their minds. Thus make necessary investments on the employees by giving them bonuses as winning over employees is an effective way in winning the hearts of customers.

These are the Eight effective communication tips which you can consider and can apply to your daily communication. Whatever it may be either direct person to person, through media like media, mobiles, internet, emails. You can use other technology gadgets which certainly help you to improve, encourage behaviors that advance your strategy and improve your skills of communicates.

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