How to Collect Birth Certificate from KMC- Process to Register Birth of Child

Kolkata Municipal Corporation or KMC is a Government body that looks for civic infrastructure and administration of city Kolkata. KMC was established in the year 1876. The KMC area is divided into 15 boroughs and the Executive officer of each borough maintain all important records like birth, death, building construction, school record etc of their respective boroughs. The primary work of KMC is to supply drinking water, garbage cleaning work, take care of street lights, make provision for sewerage and drainage in KMC area, look after of municipal hospitals/schools, take care of heritage buildings, construction of roads, disease control activities etc. The citizens who fall under KMC jurisdiction can apply and collect their birth certificate from Kolkata Municipal Corporation. As and when a birth event is occurred it needs to be informed in the registrar office of KMC by the respective hospital or nursing home. If this is not done within one year from the child’s birth then it’s become very problematic to get birth certificate for the concerned person. Birth certificate is a very important document. It is required when you go to take admission in school, or apply for any ID proof or apply for passport in passport office etc. If you are a citizen of KMC jurisdiction and wants to collect birth certificate, then follow the procedure mentioned below.



Procedure to Collect Birth Certificate from KMC

  • If your child took birth in a Government Hospital then at the time of birth only the hospital registers it in Municipal Registrar office. You can collect it from there even in future.
  • The birth certificate can be collected from your concerned Municipal Ward within a year of birth of your child. You need to produce the original discharge certificate in order to collect this.
  • The birth certificate needs to be verified after one year of your child birth from the birth register of the Record Department at the Head office of the Corporation. You also need to submit a stipulated fee.
  • The children who take birth in Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes, these organizations send the birth track records to the concerned Borough Health Office max to max within one year from the day of birth. Once the data is submitted the birth certificate are issued by the respective boroughs.
  • Those children who take birth at residence, the registration need to done within 21 days from the day of birth to the Health care unit of local Municipal Wards. Birth certificates can be collected within a year, subject to the permission of the Registrar.
  • If someone has not register the birth of his child within one year of the birth then registration is only possible by the special order of a First Class Magistrate. In this case the birth certificate can be obtained after 1 to 20 years of the child’s birth from the concerned Borough Health Office of the Corporation. For this you need to submit the proof of birth or dictum of First Class Magistrate and also you have to submit a stipulated fee.


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