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In today’s Digital Marketing World, there is a huge competition between the marketers to sell off their products, services.   Before last few years, there was a trend of SEO – Search Engine Optimization (which is still going on!), however, now the syllabus of marketing has changed and giving options to the marketers to promote their services, products.   Now there is along with SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SMO – Social Media Optimization or Marketing, SEM – Search Engine Marketing.  There are many organizations are providing digital marketing services to their clients through SEO, SMO, SEM at very high cost as the results from those services remains in long term with natural results in the market.

However, if you want to target specific products or services in a local area, then you need to take help of advertising companies which can help to promote your services, products through the advertising program.  The most famous and useful and trustworthy advertising program by Google is Google’s Advertising Program well known as Google Adwords Advertisers Program.  

In this article, we have given some basic idea and information about Google Adwords which is useful to the new advertisers who want to start new campaign with Google Adword.    We have also given step by step guidelines of how to Sign Up your new Google Adword account using Google Accounts.

Google Adwords is Helpful To Whom?

Google Adword Home Page
Google Adword Home Page

01. Basically, Google Adword Program is for the Advertisers.  Those who want to advertise on Google’s services can create Ads campaign to promote website blog.

02. Google Adword is trustworthy program among the advertiser as Google’s advertising policy remains the advertiser to retain them with the program.  Google respects their advertisers as advertisers are the customers of the Google.

03. Easy to setup with easy options.  Google Adwords is easy to setup with advanced Keyword Tools suggestion service as advertisers can easily find the relevant keyword of the website.

04. Advertiser can Choose the budget, Create Ads, can select keywords that match with to the potential customers.

05 . Track your campaign easily.  Advertisers can track the created campaign easily with advanced tools available in the Adwords account.

How To Sign Up Google Adwords Account?

If you want to avail facility of Google Adwords as an Advertiser or to use other specific services like Keyword Planner tool, then you need to Sign Up Adwords account which is as simple as we have created an email account.

If you have an existing Google Account, then you can use the same for Google Adwords.

If you do not have Google account then you can use other email like Yahoo, MSN.  But ideally we suggest using Google account for Google services which can help to track your products under a roof such as Google Adwords, Gmail, Google AdSense, YouTube, Google Analytics, Blogger, Google Docs, Google Drive and many more.

Sign Up To Google Account in case you do not have then proceed to following steps.

Here is a step by step guideline to login your Google Adwords account assuming that you have active Google Account.

Step by Step Guidelines to Sign-Up Adwords

01. Open New Browser Window and Type – and then login using your Google account login & password.

02. As soon as you login you can see following “Welcome Google AdWords” welcome window by AdWords.

03. If you want to use AdWords as an advertiser, then you can create a campaign or click on “Skip the guided setup” as shown in image, which will skip the step.


Google AdWords Step 01
Google AdWords Step 01

04. After you skip the step, you will need to fill up important things such as your email address, phone number, country, time zone, currency.

05. Please note that you need to select proper currency which you want to see in the Keyword Planner Tool.  For example, if you select USDollar then your entire keyword planner suggestion bid will show up in US Dollar, which you may need to edit later.

Google AdWords Step 02
Google AdWords

Google AdWords Step 02

06. Click on “Save and Continue” blue button.

Google AdWords Step 03
Google AdWords Step 03

07. Now you can see the Welcome to AdWords page with menu – Home, Campaign, Opportunities, Reports, Tool.

08. As per your need you can use the tools, menu and when you use it regularly, then you can use this account easily.

09. Now, your primary Adwords account is setup and in future you can login easily to check up the available tools, menu.

10. If you want to advertise with Google, but do not know how? Then take help of Google Team, then will guide you to set up your Adwords account with Bills summary on phone helpdesk. Find the local Google helpdesk and contact to advertise through Google Adwords.

How Google Adwords is Useful To Other Than Advertisers

01. If you are a beginner or want to learn how marketing things works or if you want to know how Google advertising system works, then you can simply Sign Up to the Adwords account to understand how Google Advertising program and Google Ads publisher program i.e. Google AdSense works.

02. Through Google Adwords, you can also understand the keyword system using Keyword Planner Tool.     The Keyword Planner Tool is very useful to the advertisers to create campaign as we mentioned above paragraph, however do you know this tool is also helpful to the others too!

03. Keyword Planner Tool is useful to the Website Masters or niche/bloggers to find relevance keywords to target specific service or to promote the website blog through search engine.   Keyword Planner helps to optimize your blog website easily as the terms, phrases we use are taken from the database of the search engine which may help to rank high in the search engine results pages. However, to rank high in search engine you need to quality other needy factors also such as Content Quality, Descriptive information and how your audience is looking for the information you have write in the blog website.

04. Keyword Planner can also help to increase your website traffic as mentioned in point 03 as the keywords are search engine friendly and can easily read by the search engine which help to improve your website ranking and can easily #1 in Google search engine results pages.

05. Using Keyword Planner, Google AdSense publishers can find high paid cost per click keywords i.e. High Paid CPC keywords using which your content may get relevant high paid targetable high paid ads and hence your AdSense revenue will also increase simultaneously, when traffic increases.

There are many other useful tools available in Google Adwords account which is either helpful to the Advertisers or like Keyword Planner Tool, the commonly useful tools to the beginners who want to study about Google Adwords in their case-study.

If you have any queries regarding Google Adwords or Keyword Tool, then comment below or you can contact to local Google Helpdesk.

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