How to alleviate constipation?


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How to alleviate constipation

What is constipation?

It is retardation or a difficulty to pass faeces. Constipation in children is usually due to a lack of fibre and liquid in the diet or else the child does not drink regularly. Faeces are blocked in the large intestine so the affected person suffers until they get out quickly. For that, you must consult a doctor for having an effective remedy . In children, they must consult a paediatrician to treat constipation immediately. To complete the medications and treatments, here are some advices about remedies to alleviate constipation.

Constipation in a child and an adult

In case of constipation in a child, prepare him a remedy with lemon juice. Press one half a lemon in half a glass of lukewarm water. Then, put a little sugar and make him drink in the morning. Otherwise, give him pure orange juice. To do this, squeeze an orange into a glass and make him drink the juice. Repeat this treatment every time he wants drinking.

Eating stewed prunes and apples regularly is a good remedy . Otherwise, eat fruits and vegetables contained of fibre such as figs, prunes, apples, tomatoes, spinach and green salads.

Chew your food well and set the time to take each meal to avoid other stomach problems. Moreover, drink a lot of water especially if you eat food rich in fibre. For children, do not forget to massage gently the belly with sweet almond oil until it is flexible. However, we must also pay attention to the menus of children especially if they are new to their intestines.

A constipation remedy like dulcolax is also necessary. It has an active effect for intestines. It is found that after taking this medicine, constipation may disappear or decrease quickly. It is suggested to take it at night before sleeping.

It is a very common disease in children and even in adults. Babies and children are the most attacked because their intestines are very fragile. For adults, they eat a lot of food without drinking water regularly. This is one of the causes . Nevertheless, natural remedies for constipation are very successful and very fast particularly for children.

How to prepare natural remedies for constipation?

Alleviate constipation

Firstly, a tea prepared with rose petals and leaves of marshmallows is one the best remedies . To do this, wash a handful of rose petals and another handful of marshmallow leaves in a bowl. Next, boil 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. After that, pour boiling water into the petals and leaves. Let infuse during 15 minutes. For your treatment, drink 2 to 3 times a day.

There is also a remedy  with gentian flowers. To do this, boil 1 liter of water in a pan. Then, pour boiling water into a bowl. Next, put a handful of gentian flowers and marinate for a few minutes. Let cool the herbal tea obtained and put a little honey before drinking a cup. Repeat this remedy two times a day.

A remedy for constipation with thistle leaves is also effective. For your preparation, put a handful leaves of thistle in boiling water. Let infuse for 15 minutes for the dose is high. Drink a cup 15 minutes before each meal. Put sugar or honey as your choice.

You can drink a glass of prune juice in the morning because it helps you to stop this disease quickly. Otherwise, eat yogurt mixed with prunes.

You can stop constipation with herbal tea. To complete these remedies, you should eat food rich in fibre, drink plenty of water and practise some exercises. For constipation in children, they must see a paediatrician or a doctor for more treatments.

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