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Spark Pay is the newest and fastest way to sell your products and services online. To get started, you need to sign-up for an account.

To set-up your online store, you need to provide in your full name, email address and phone number and when everything’s all filled-out, you can start using the 14-day trial right away. The best part is that you get instant access to full features and you don’t need to provide any credit card info since it is not required.

You can start selling right away once your account is set-up. You can prettify your site too – just install any one of Spark Pay’s free ecommerce templates. Get your store up and running and start selling with plenty of designs to choose from, it’s a no-hassle, no-frills set-up – you just need to choose from the templates that they have online. Spark Pay’s expert team is an email away in case you need help in setting-up a customized theme.

There are two ways on how to name your Spark Pay online store. You can use a custom domain name provided by the site but you can also always choose to name your store – you can use a catchy name for that easy-name recall for your store. When that’s done, you can also start setting-up your store’s theme too. You can manage your store’s theme by choosing the free templates that Spark Pay has available but you can also choose to pay for a more professional looking template for your online store if you’d prefer to shell out extra cash.

Not only will you have a professional Spark Pay online store but you also have full control of everything in your store including your store’s theme and template. Spark Pay also comes with powerful inventory features and smart marketing tools that you will need to make online-selling guaranteed and you, a proud owner of a successful online store. Like most mobile processers, Spark Pay doesn’t have a huge list of products and services. Spark Pay appears to aggregate merchants instead of issuing individual accounts. This is how most mobile processing works

Once the domain name and the theme is already set-up, you can start filling-up your store by getting started on the catalog right after. This is the fun part – you can now start adding products to your store. You can upload the pictures of your items in the main page and you can put the pictures up under different Categories; you can also segregate your items by Brands and your New Items can be placed together too. The Home page is where our customers can find your items, you can also Blog about your products and your customers can purchase your items using the My Cart.

As you can see, with Spark Pay, selling your products and service is easy enough for beginners and would-be entrepreneurs and the site is powerful enough not just for the experts but for everybody who wants to sell their wares online. And also Spark Pay’s customer support is also one of the best available for mobile processing, a fact we don’t take lightly.

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