Zika Virus – Causes, Dangers and Prevention


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What is Zika Virus?

Nowadays, Zika virus has become a big talk especially in medical community. Although, the virus was first discovered long ago in 1947 in Uganda but not adequate researches and studies are carried in order to shed more light on this  virus. There is uncertainty and ignorfance among people about Zika Virus. Therefore, to know what zika does to human is still in need of more research. But to alert the people about the virus and its dangers, WHO declared Zika on February 1, 2016,as Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

Zika virus is mild illness and rarely leads to death. It primarily transmits through the bite of infected Aedes specie of mosquitoes. Zika also spreads through sexual contact because the virus has the ability to stay alive in the semen longer than in the blood. There are also reports of blood transfusion transmission and laboratory exposure cases.

Zika Virus

How Dangerous is Zika Virus?

When Zika virus attacks people, they suffer from mild fever. Skin rash also accompanies. Both these symptoms are very common in fever. A patient of Zika ignores the initial symptoms of Zika and does not consult a doctor. Joint or muscle pain also starts in three or four days. Uneasiness and discomfort appears only after two to seven days after mosquito biting. The virus symptoms spread in the body of one from every four infected people. However, the danger of this infection becomes more fatal when zika attacks a pregnant women. The infection attacks the fetus and causes microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome. As a result, a fetus is diagnosed by muscle weakness and damage to immunization. More studies and research is needed on Zika to know its full effects on a pregnant woman and her baby. But it is obvious that potential danger level of Zika to babies is high.

How to Prevent From Zika Virus?

Prevention is better than treatment. Zika virus spreads from mosquito bites and the most effective method to prevent the virus is to keep the environment clean. Mosquito repellent are good for killing the mosquitoes that get in the homes. When you go out, ensure to wear covering clothes like full sleeves hirts and full pants. Especially relevant is care of pregnant women. Since there is no vaccine to prevent Zika virus, people must avoid travelling to places where zika virus is infecting people. When it comes to sex and sexual relation, more care is essential. Stay with your life partner and avoid random and unknown relationships. If it is unavoidable use protective means like condoms.

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. The virus is dangerous not only for you an infected person but to his loved ones also. He can infect them. In case anyone gets fever, mild or severe, he must consult his doctor and insist on having laboratory tests. But ample rest and intake of fluids cures the fever. He should abstain from contacting other family members because the infection is contagious and it can spread to others around in the family!

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