How can I start selling using Spark Pay?


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To start selling using Spark Pay, you need to sign-up for an account. You can start selling right away once your account is set-up. You just need to choose from and install any one of Spark Pay’s free ecommerce templates. In case you have questions, you can always send an email to the support team. The Getting Started tutorial is a lot of help not only because the direction is very easy to follow, it definitely is a no-brainer. You can start selling and get started by using the 14 day trial. Not only can you start selling right away but selling through Spark Pay is easy because Spark Pay’s pricing is simple and the card reader and app are Free too.

Order fulfillment is easy because you can create orders on behalf of your customers, right through your store. In the admin console, you can create the customer’s orders using the order entry feature, you can select the products that they want to buy, get their credit card info for the payment and of course, you have to make sure that the shipping info is correct to be sure that the products get to your customers.

Spark Pay has provided user friendly mobile app to their customers who used this mobile Optimized theme. It makes user friendly homepage and the categories and the products can be navigated by touching screen of their device. Using the themes, products and categories can be easy customized.

As a Spark Pay online store owner, a variety of payment options can be given to your customers and major credit cards and Paypal can just be a few of these payment options. But as an online store owner, you do not need to worry because Spark Pay has more than 50 payment options integrated in the website and all these payment options will also help you be able to your products and services quickly. Aside from the payment options, you can also give customers suggestions for other items that they might want to buy. Suggestions on what other items they might like and up-sells can add to your sales too, you know.  Throwing in a freebie or freebies is definitely a good idea that you might want to try. Just make sure that the freebie is interesting enough for the customer.

Invoices and packing slips are generated through Spark Pay’s Ecommerce Order Processing and shipment for each order can be tracked just make sure that everything on the tracking information is correct. You can also create orders on behalf of your customer – your customers can call in and you can take the order. Just make sure that the orders you’ve written down are correct as well as the credit card, customer and shipping info. You can also have split-payment as an option or do drop-shopping so that your customers can have plenty of other options on how they would be paying or be receiving their orders.

With all these options that you provide your customer, their shopping experience on your Spark Pay online store should be anything but fun, easy and hassle-free.

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