Honor Killing – Startling Facts You Do Not Know


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What is Honor Killing?

The answer seems incomplete if you put it on the scale of logic. But everywhere the answer is same. Even in Wikipedia honor killing is said to be an act of putting an end to the life of a woman or girl who has brought shame by her acts to her family by violating the rules of religion or community.  Men come up with their own standards of honor and take the matter in their hands as if the blood of a woman is cheaper than a man. Men violate community rules and religion every moment of their life but they are left free.

Honor Killing in Pakistan

The honor killing rate is increasing alarmingly in Pakistan. And you know who the victim is? Women, as if honor is a possession of men alone! Why I say Pakistan especially? Because it is a Muslim country and Islam is the greatest religion that protects women from cruelty, misbehavior, harassment, oppression and killing above all. No man is allowed to raise a weapon on a woman even if she is from the enemy side and flames of war are burning high. This is the protection given to a woman who is not a Muslim, and who is the family member of men fighting against Muslims. But only because she is a person who is respected, protected and honored, she is savored from any brutal act. If this is the clear commandment of religion Islam for a non-Muslim woman, what about a Muslim woman? Can you ever think that Islam says kill your women because she legally married a man of her choice and did not commit adultery? No, never. Ridiculous! This defies simple logic, how can it comply with Islam?

Honor killing on rise

How Honor Killing is Not Islamic

Islam Did Not Ask to Kill a Woman Because She Married of Her Own Will

The startling fact is that among Muslims in this Muslim society, everyone is silent on women killing in the name of honor and Islam? No living human’s life is permitted to be ended in the name of honor. Then why these Muslims are silent? Have the religious clerks forgotten their responsibility to convey the true message of Islam and deter honor killing? Right Islam said that a woman needs the permission of her father, brother or any other guardian in the family who is responsible but here the question arises that due to the inflexible behavior of these guardians, she finds no way but to take the refuge of court to get married and does not prefer adultery on marriage; does she deserve to be killed? No, she does not. No part of religion says that and anyone who kills her is liable to be hanged mercilessly. There is another clear commandment of Islam that no guardian even   father has the right to force upon his daughter a husband she hates. She has the full right to say NO and her guardian, whosoever he is, is obliged to take in consideration her choice. Women are never creatures of a lesser god to be dealt with this inconsideration. Their right to say no is as important as the right of a man to say NO. (And mind that this is not my opinion)

Are the Family Laws in a Muslim Country Against Islam?

No, absolutely not. The family law is completely in accordance with Islam and each and every Pakistani Muslim automatically submits to the law enforced in the country. When a woman does not find her rights with her guardian, she takes the shelter under the law that protects her rights. Yes, the same law that every cleric swears in the name of God to protect when he holds any seat in the government.  Clerics participate in elections, do business, open accounts in banks, and live a life completely in compliance with the law in the country. They accept by their words and act the sovereignty of the law in practice in the country. Why are the clerics silent against those who are honor killing women who were brave enough to say NO to adultery and chose the legal path of marriage?   Despite of the fact that clerics have respect in a Muslim society and their words have weight, they defy their conscience and authority and surrender to cruelty. They do not need to form their opinion but just convey how Islam has protected the rights of women. If the blood of those women is that cheap or valueless for those men, they are cheaper than the cheapest creature in the eyes of law, religion, humanity and the universe.

Life in a Forced Marriage

Honor killing - Time for a Change

Do you know how big a torture to live in a forced marriage is? A man when forced by his family to marry a woman he does not like, he has easy escape. He remarries – simple as that.  But when a woman is married by force she is forcefully thrown in a lifelong torture. No escape for her. She is a complete human with her likes and dislikes. She has the full right to choose what is acceptable for her and refuse what is not. Is killing a woman easier for the family, even the parents, of a woman than developing understanding with their daughter? Marriage has a very specific nature of relation between a man and his wife. There is no relation as close and intimate as marriage. This relation cannot be forced upon any human let alone women. This is simple logic and Islam never defied logic. If humans have gone wrong in implementing Islam, this is them who are wrong and not Islam.

Are Men Complying with the Requirements of Honor?

It is easy for men to feel extremely humiliated when a woman of their family marries on her own and does not choose adultery but look at men when they commit adultery, when they not even choose a woman to get marry but turn gay, not even a slightest sense of honor rises in the hearts of other men – even the clerics. Have you ever heard men killed their family member because he was gay or committed adultery?  We, the women die of shame from their behavior but we are more gracious than them that we do not take the law in our hands and start honor killing them. We mercy them while they do not deserve any mercy.  We know that to err is human and to forgive is divine. We curb our pain when we see them flirting with women on Facebook, watching porn, having fun with their female job colleagues and staring on every random woman on the road, in public transport, in restaurants, in neighbors and everywhere. Yes, we also have the full sense of honor and they are not the only creatures who have so-called honor.

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