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Hello everybody. Beautifully thick and glossy hair is something we all want. Stick straight or beach waves or soft curls are like what we call “hair goals”.We are now obsessed with hair tools like flat irons and curling irons and blow dryers which can give us the hair type we desire but what we neglect are the side effects and harms that it can cause in the long term. I personally have really frizzy and curly hair and I kind of feel the need to straighten it almost every week even though I know it is going to ruin. Hair fall and brittle hair are the most common complaints of using heat on your hair all the time.

How To Get Frizz free, healthy and long hair

1. Consider using high quality hair products such as heat protectants by TRESsemme maybe, before using heat on your hair. Also try natural methods for achie

ving desired hairstyle instead of using chemicals and heat even though your hair is really gorgeous just the way it is, just saying.

2. Heat olive oil (Extra Virgin), coconut oil and apply it to your hair 2 hours before washing it. This promotes growth and reduces breakage.

3. Avoid Chemicals as much as possible. By this I mean, do not get your hair dyed frequently and also reduce the amount of serums and product you use on your hair.


4. Use Sulfate free shampoos. It prevents absorption of harmful chemicals and prevents hair falls to an extent.

5.Aloe Vera- Use the gel of aloe vera on your hair and wash it off. (Helps in growth and hair becomes silkier)

6.Onion juice- It can get really smelly, but that’s alright because rubbing the juice of onion on your scalp especially and the roots and ends promotes the growth of softer and silky hair.

7. Banana hair mask-
Ok I tried this. I used an over ripe banana and coconut oil and honey. I mashed the banana and added 2 tsps of coconut oil and 1 tbsp of honey and mixed it all up and applied the paste to my hair. After an hour or two, I washed it off and used my regular shampoo and conditioner. This mask just fights frizz like crazy. My hair became really soft and silky. You have to try this one.

8.Grapeseed Oil- Ok this oil has a lot of benefits and prevents split ends and damaging hair. It nourishes your scalp and makes your hair thicker, longer and stronger.


-1 teaspoon ACV, 3 egg whites, 2 tablespoons olive oil. Massage it into your hair, cover with a shower cap and wash it after an hour or two. This helps in strengthening hair and is helpful for getting rid of dry and damaged hair.

Extra tip: many of these natural hair masks are healthy and good for your hair but they stink sometimes, even after shampooing your hair. To fight that off, use dry shampoo or hair spray that smells good or spray a perfume onto your hair brush and brush your hair with it

Well that’s all for this article. I really hope this helped.

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