The Drug Menace – Hugh problem of Drug Menace Addiction


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Drugs menace become serious issue in all societies and school children, can cause an intense craving and you may want to quit, but most people find they can’t do it their own. It causes serious, long-term consequences, including problems with physical and mental health, relationships, and the law. Unless cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, marijuana are some of the drugs abused.  According to the scientific researches it has been proven that these harmful drugs adversely affect on one’s brain and harm it seriously. As a result of this, the mental process of Drug Menace addicts is disturbed mainly and they become unconscious.

How The Drug Menace & Harmful

Drug Menace Addiction
Drug Menace Addiction

Drug users commit very harmful, dangerous severe antisocial crimes like murders, rapes and more things happen to people embarrassment and lot of illegal activities. How does this become menace? As there is a great tendency of propagating drugs among young generation especially now a days with young girls in higher societies are basically targeted for this menace. Youth are vulnerable to drugs and they are attracted to them easily. So that, it is fair to mention that drug is a menace.

The problem with Drug Menace is not their effect; it is the corruption that is tied to the huge profits that doing illegal business commends. Increasing penalties for drug crimes will just increase the prices and thereby the profits for people willing to take the risk. Along these profits will come increased war in our neighborhoods as gangs and dealers fight and kill for the enormous profits.

Now a day’s it’s been a Hugh problem of facing Drug Menace addiction among the school children and specially the parents has to contribute their fully attention to prevent this menace among the young crowd. It is the parents whose unfulfilled ambitions come to play a prominent role here. However they don’t ever seem to realize that this criticism of the child will not make the child but mar his desire to study.

Hugh problem of facing Drug Menace addiction

Unless drug addicts are reformed or rehabilitated property, certainly they have to die as lunatics. There are many rehabilitation camps operation to control this issue in worldwide. The purpose of them is to rehabilitate Drug Menace addicts and show them the correct path of society. As long as there are people that want to adjust their state of mind, there will be someone to help them do it, and adjusting our state of mind is part of human nature.

We have driven ourselves into such a moral quandary that it will take years to fully recover. But our present course of action has proven to be more destructive than drugs themselves. The only way we are going to stop substance abuse is by lowering the pressure in day-to-day life for our citizens.

According to the researches, it has found out that friends are the agents of spreading this menace in society. Therefore, it is the responsibility of children keeping company only with good friends, and the same time parents must be very vigilant in this regard. So let us all join hands to eradicate, those who addicted to this drug menace.

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