How to Get Google Calendar on Computer, Smart Phones


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Google Calendars is a web based application. It is a time management tool created by Google. In order to use the app, users are required to have a Google Account.

Google Calendars can be used on a computer, phone and on tablet. Once you create or edit any event, it will sync automatically among all versions of Google Calendars where you’re signed in. You can get events from Gmail on your calendar. You may share it with others and also can get notifications for upcoming events.

How to get Google Calendars on Computer, Android Phone or Tablet and iPhone


1) Visit Google Calendar.
2) You need to sign in your existing Google Account and if you don’t have a Google Account then you need to create it by clicking on “Create an account”.
3) You will be redirected to Google Calendar, once you sign in.
4) For making change in your setting, you need to go to the top right corner and click Settings.

Android Phone or Tablet

1) Visit the Google Calendar page on Google Play.
2) Touch to Install.
3) Once the app open, sign in with your Google Account.


1) Visit the Google Calendar page on iTunes.
2) Now touch Get.
3) Once the app open, sign in with your Google Account.

Google Calendar Features

1) Google Calendar is one of the most popular online time management tools. It is accessible from anywhere and well integrated with web apps and mobile tools that everyone uses.
2) You can import information into your Google Calendar by browsing existing public calendars. For this you need to click the dropdown box near “Other calendars” in the left navigation bar. Now click on “Browse Interesting Calendars
3) Google Calendar is Master Calendar with a bunch of individual calendars in one place. You can create separate calendars like- personal, business, holidays and anything else as per the requirement and can give different-different colors to each calendar for the recognition. Another feature is that you can turn on or off individual calendars if you are focusing on a particular calendar.
4) If you are dealing with a team of people then Google Calendar is extremely useful for you. Google Calendar helps you to call other Google users to share a calendar with you. It helps to all members of a team to know when each member is busy.
5) Google Calendar allows you to set permission levels on each individual calendar to control the degree of power you grant to others in a team. You may allow them to make changes or create an event on a particular calendar or can restrict their access to view level only on a particular calendar.
6) Google Calendar is accessible from any device that has an internet connection.
7) While scheduling events, you can set program reminders to help you to remember on time. You can customize your reminder like you can set how and when the reminder should be delivered.
8) One of the most important features of Google Calendar is its search feature.

Google Calendar helps a lot to its users with all its unique features. It helps to streamline their work with a perfect organized process.

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