UnoBurg.com is multi author revenue sharing blog website offers 100% revenue sharing program of Google AdSense.   Post articles and resources in UnoBurg.com to earn in Google AdSense 100% revenue for lifetime (read our Terms of Use) through the articles submit in the user profile.   If you want to start with UnoBurg.com, join us today to earn 100% revenue through your blogs and resources you submit in this portal.

UnoBurg.com – Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the Frequently Asked Questions to know more about the program.

1. What is UnoBurg.com?

UnoBurg.com is a free platform of the Writers, Freelancers to post any subjects, topics, resources, articles and knowledge sharings which are self written or re-write in own language.  This is knowledge sharing blog website which also offers free life time earnings opportunity to the Authors (Members or Writers) of this site through Google AdSense Program. (Subject to Terms)   If you are a new user of UnoBurg.com and want to contribute in this portal, you can Sign Up Free to post articles in this site.

2. Who Can Join UnoBurg?

Anybody can join!  There is no restriction or criteria of joining as a Participant, Subscriber, Member, Contributor, Author to UnoBurg.  However, if you want to contribute regular, you need to fulfill our eligibility to post articles.   The joining is absolutely free and there is no any fees of any kind of the services.   Only the thing is that, to contribute in UnoBurg.com, you need to write unique, self written or re-write articles in own language (Subject to acceptance)

3. What is Google AdSense 100% Revenue Sharing Program?

Google AdSense is Free Publisher Program by Google, the World’s #1 Search Engine.   You can find more about Google AdSense at official website www.AdSense.com.    We offer 100% revenue to the Authors who contributes in UnoBurg.com and they can earn full amount generated from their contents which Authors can Track in AdSense account.   The revenue sharing program is activated for lifetime by default, however to retain in the program, Authors need to contribute regularly to continue lifetime program after a interval which is Six months.   That is Authors should submit at least one article in Six months to retain in the program.    Read More about What is Google AdSense.

4. How much Authors can earn through Google AdSense Program at UnoBurg.com

Earnings through Google AdSense revenue sharing program is fully depends on the Quality and Subject of the article which Authors writing.  From my experience I would like to say that Quantity does not matters, how much articles you need to write to earn specific amount, but your one well optimized article can do work of hundreds of article.    Earnings through Google AdSense is depends on how much traffic you receive to the articles and number of conversion i.e. CTR – Click Through Rate on the Google Ads placed on your contents which are from Authors own AdSense account and if anybody (of course genuinely!) clicked on the Ads then one click count on Ads and depends on CPC -Cost Per Click author Adsense would be credited the said amount.   CPC is set by Advertisers, which is depends on the topics you select and google advertising program adwords, adsense.

Regarding Earnings & Payments, It is fully depends on the topics you write.  Quantity does not matters how much you can earn. As of my experience, your one article is sufficient to drive 1000 visitors every day.

Topics like Education, Travels, Business, Latest trends, News, health, Blogging, Making money tips, how-to things, lifestyles can have regular traffic of visitors.

So more you have more visitors you will get and more traffic is equal to more revenue = profit.

For more clarification, read following example and analysis.

For example if cpc is 0.10$ and you have 1000 visitors then 25 clicks then your earnings will be 2.5$ (25*0.10$), however if cpc is 1$ and you have 100 visitors with 10 clicks, then you will earn $10.

Regarding payment, as we offer 100% revenue from Google AdSense, you will get direct payment from Google’s AdSense program when $100 completed.

Your ads will be published on the articles you submitted, and Google will send payment by EFT to bank account.  

Read out article about Google AdSense and know about it.   We’ll guide at all how to maximize your revenue on high traffic, on which topic.

You only have to adhere our rules, and regular writings on the trend topics. Stay long as in long run you will earn thousand dollars through your articles.

There are certain things which you need to consider while posting articles like highest cpc = cost per click we’ll be guide you all in the progress.

You have to submit articles in the Website CMS where you have created account and we’ll verify the articles and then will publish to the site.



5. What If Author Do Not have AdSense account?

If you do not have Google AdSense account, then we can help to get Google AdSense account absolutely Free.   Submit Five Articles in UnoBurg.com and then We’ll Apply for the Google AdSense account.  The criteria of five articles is to check authors write up and to evaluate the writings whether eligible in our program or not.

If author get AdSense then he/she will be eligible to earn through those five articles as well, so all is well 🙂  or any kind of information or want to add more points in this page about UnoBurg.com which are not cleared, please contact us to given email id.

For more information, please discuss with
 us on google hangout/chat  - [  u n o b u r g     at     g m a i l .  c  o m ]  Add me to your Google/Gmail Chat for further discussion, any time.


Members can also use Discussion Forum to get help and suggestions or discuss about any subjects or need experts guidelines.  So, for general questions, authors can use Forum.



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