Five Things to Look for in a Temp Agency


Originally posted 2016-08-22 21:16:04.

The popularity of temp agencies has been soaring in the US over the last decade. Recent Studies have shown that more than two million Americans have got jobs via temp agencies recently. These agencies, are essential for both employers and job-seekers. For employers, they are important because they guarantee the continuous flow of workforce. From the workers’ point of view, however, these agencies ensure them a place in the job market. There are five questions to ask when choosing a temp agency:

1. Does the agency have a specific industry expertise?

The old saying of a Jack of all trades master of non applies to temp agencies. As a result, You need an agency with a thorough understanding of your industry, in order to provide you with the right candidates for the job you are advertising. Temp agencies with multiple industry expertise care for quantity more than quality.

2. Does the agency have a big pool of candidates?

A good temp agency should not restrict its search to online job boards. Good job candidates might not be registered to the agency. They might be working somewhere with your business rivals. Accordingly, Temp agencies should conduct a lot of research online and offline to attract the best candidates. Before you deal with a temp agency, try to find out if they have a wide net of partners or not.

3. Is the temp agency registered and Qualified?

An understanding of the current employment law and standards is essential for a temp agency. This will make you avoid many of the issues that might surge in the recruitment process. Similarly, if you are looking for a temp agency, make sure the agency is qualified with competent authority of the country to guarantee its reliability.

4. Does the agency have a good after-sales service?

It is not enough to fill in the vacancy of the clients. A good temp agency should continue to work closely with its clients after recruitments to solve any possible problems. They should be in regular contact with customer to check the quality of services and to get their feedback. Make sure the agency doesn’t disappear after the recruitment.

5. Does the agency have an effective screening process?

As an employer, you should receive only shortlist of the top candidates. The screening process has to be done by the temp agency. Remember that the main reason for dealing with temp agency is to cut down the time and effort of reviewing CVs.

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