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First Lady beyond zero

On August 17, 2016 the first Lady Margaret Kenyatta delivered the 46th Beyond zero mobile clinic to Murang’a county.  Margaret started her campaign way back in 2014, which aimed at equipping every single county of the 47 counties in Kenya with a mobile clinic. The Beyond zero campaign purpose is to improve maternal and child health in Kenya. This is as a result from reports that about 15 women die every day from pregnancy related complications.  The initiative also aims to eliminate and reduce HIV infections among young children.

“I am deeply saddened by the fact that women and children in our country die from causes that can be avoided. It doesn’t have to be this way,” said the First Lady during the Campaign launch.

First lady Marathon

Margaret Kenyatta

To raise funds for the mobile clinics, the First lady also launched the First Lady marathon. The marathon is an annual event aiming to raise funds to increase access to better healthcare. The marathon attracts top athletes, diplomats, government officials, corporate leaders as well as many well-wishers local and foreign. The First lady’s determination to take part in the marathon shows an act of sacrifice and a resolve to improve healthcare.

In 2014, First Lady Margret Kenyatta also took part in a 42km London marathon. She said her motivation was the plight of needy women and children besides global awareness.


The First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has received several awards for her contribution towards healthcare. Among the awards she has received is the United Nations person of the year award 2014. She also received a SOMA awards 2014 trophy in the category ‘Best use of social media for charity’. Kenyatta University awarded her an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters because of her efforts.


During the event to hand over the 46th mobile clinic Mrs Margaret Kenyatta expressed her gratitude to all those who had made contributions towards the initiative. “I celebrate with Kenyans that the promise I made 2 years ago to equip all 47 Counties with one mobile clinic each is almost over,” said the First lady. Over the last one year maternal and child mortality have gone down by 30% due to the mobile health services.

First lady Margaret Kenyatta was praised as a unifying figure and a great role model.

Mrs Margaret Kenyatta has definitely worn many hearts by serving needy children and mothers. Her calm nature and confidence has worn her many admirers. As her campaign reaches the homestretch she notes that more needs to be done. Cancer is another concern that she hopes to raise early screening awareness. She believes that people should not die from preventable causes.

“There is still significant work to be done in this area. My personal philosophy is that the unnecessary death of anyone is one death too many,” said the First Lady.

Such is a noble initiative that should receive support from all works of life. The Beyond zero campaign has benefited many people especially in remote areas. The campaign should continue even after the 47th mobile clinic is handed over to Nairobi County.

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