Fiio F9SE In-Ear Headphones Dynamic Drivers Reviews


The Fiio F9 SE uses a 50:50 outline in which each channel is made out of dynamically adjusted armature drivers. The 9.2mm dynamic driver is particularly tuned to create no-limit lows. While the two BA drivers unequivocally depict expanded upper-mids and highs.

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Great music is never disconnected with the dark 3.5mm single-finished link. 

The accessible non-separable, sans in-line controls single-finished link is intended to hold most extreme sound virtue, so your music is never really disconnected from you. This is influenced conceivable through its to the center of four deliberately woven oxygen copper (OFC) wires. Moreover, it is all wrapped up in a trendy and delicate outside. It’s because it is intended to be both strong and negligible in microphonics. Likewise, the 3.5mm L-sort plug makes it less demanding for you to embed the link into a jack. Additionally, It guarantees unwavering quality for a considerable length of time to come.

Making Waves with an Organic Design 

The F9 SE’s dazzling outside was enlivened by something natural we are altogether usual to water. The smooth lines review the swells that happen when drops of water fall into a lake. It makes the F9 SE both more human and recognizable. 

Natural Strength 

The swell like lines on the F9 SE gives it a one of a kind touch. It also serves to guarantee basic quality and amplify the measure of room inside for a more enhanced plan by and large. In addition to that, layers of the F9 SE’s shell is uniquely fixed with plastic to take out interior resonances.

Gigantic Energy from a Tiny Body 

You could never envision that such a stupendous sound could originate from something as minor as the F9 SE. Because of the way we have shrewdly bundled the normally itemized BA drivers and the customarily immense sounding dynamic driver. We have also accomplished a completely durable sound that is conceivable from a weak in-ear screen. 

PEK polymer nano-composite driver for uplifted detail 

The F9 SE uses a dynamic driver made of polymer nanocomposite. It is known for being extreme as well as being light. This permits the F9 SE’s dynamic driver to be very equipped for delivering brisk, nitty-gritty and expanded bass. 

Deductively Tuned in view of Physics and Psycho-acoustics 

We accomplished most extreme execution from the F9 SE’s drivers. We looked into the laws and standards of materials science and psycho-acoustics when outlining our item. Thus, the drivers can work in culminate concordance. It accomplishes a strong sound that is totally ready to duplicate all aspects of the sound recurrence range. It also takes into consideration a recurrence reaction from 15 Hz to 40 kHz.

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