Facial Oils – Miracle for That Smooth Glowy skin


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Sticky oil, which our skin produces, is despised by many, but facial oils could be the best treat you ever gave your skin. It’s been used all over the world for many years. Here are some reasons to prove why facial oil is a miracle and good for all skin types.

Anti-aging solution

Anti Aging Solutions

With the age, our skin gets wrinkles; this happens because the amount of oil decreases when we get old. In such cases, women go for Botox, a drug which is injected into the skin to tighten it so that wrinkles and crow lines would disappear. It could also cause harm to your skin. Facial oil provides the natural moisture to your aged skin that will make you look younger.

Soothes flaky and sensitive skin

Facial Oils

Facial oils are suitable for every skin type. It provides that natural nourishment to your dry and flaky skin. People with dry skin should apply it to their t-point which will moisturize the area.

When it comes to sensitive skin, facial oils help in soothing the inflammation and irritation in the skin. To those who are suffering from eczema, acne, and psoriasis, facial oils could also be beneficial for them. This oil is abundant with omega fatty acids which help in soothing the inflammation caused by the diseases as mentioned earlier.

No touch-up needed

No Makeup

Why do we use makeup? For flawless and glowing skin. What if I tell you that facial oils can be used as a substitute for makeup? How? You ask. Well, say you’re getting late for a party, and you want to apply makeup, but you haven’t got the time. Face oil comes to the rescue in this situation. Take 2-3 drops of it in your palm and apply it on your forehead, cheeks, and lips. You won’t even need a highlighter after this. Apply the lipstick and you are ready to go.

Facial oils Good for oily skin too

Facial Oils

A girl with oily skin would not go for facial oil as she’s already abundant in this. When you wash your skin with face wash, you make your skin all dry. This deficiency later causes acne due to clogged pores. What you need to understand is that the skin needs some percent of the oil. Facial oil would help you to provide that fatty acid, which will result in the healthy and glowing skin. Oil dissolves oil.

 Great cleanser

Facial Massage

Facial oil also helps in removing the makeup quickly, cleaning all the dirt in your pores. The massage of the facial oil on your skin would clear the dirty pores by making it more glowy. The massage will also help in balancing the natural oil needed for your skin.

Protect skin

Protect the skin

Facial oils contribute in protecting our skin from the daily pollution. The dust and gas emitted by vehicles are one of the causes behind wrinkles and blemishes. Applying the oil overnight would help to keep all the pollutants and toxins out, while moisturizing the skin.


These were the reasons why you should switch from your daily moisturizers to facial oils.

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