Everything Happens, Happens For a Reason


Have you ever encountered some sort of trouble that you asked yourself why this is happening?

Mishaps aren’t always a curse. What you gained or what you acquired is an outcome of experience that caused your suffering. If you are wise enough to connect the dots and link things up you will come up with a conclusion if not you’ll come up with the disappointment. It’s always better to question everything, have a foresight and see how the circumstances are likely to impact you positively or negatively

When things are tangled up suddenly

On my first visit to London, I was landing in Heathrow airport and all of a sudden I heard an announcement that we will be landing in Charles de Gaulle Paris due to the unexpected weather conditions. I was like OMG what am I going to do in Paris I already don’t know anyone in London so what am I going to do in Paris?
I was a bit nervous about my travel to London and my college was starting the next day right after my arrival. We spent a couple of nights in the hotel and then the situation got worse we still couldn’t fly to London, we had to take the bus to Calais and from Calais, we had to take the ferry boat to Dover.

I didn’t think of this as a good omen. I told myself that must have been the worst thing that could ever happen. On that bizarre trip I met an acquaintance he was going to visit his sister in London, we had a bit of a conversation and  a drink on the boat deck, we were freezing to death in when we reached Paris, the entire city was covered in snow that I can hardly recall how it looked like.  We exchanged numbers then we went our separate ways.

The harder you hustle, the farther you reach

Next day in the morning, the first day in college and I’m already behind schedule. I introduced myself to the tutor; he asked why I missed the previous classes so I explained my story. He gave me tons of assignments to finish in a very narrow time in order to catch up with the rest of my fellow students.

With all this going on in the first week, it was more of a turn-off, London wasn’t really welcoming and nothing went as planned, I even had to pay for the few days of accommodation that I booked online but did not use. I never assumed that I’d spend few days in France before arriving in England. Later on, after a few fortnights, I posted on Facebook that I’m struggling to find a job in London, many people tried to help me out and referred me to other people they know.

I kept calling the numbers I was given, turned up for  few interviews but could hardly pass any because I don’t have a ‘’UK experience’’. I started to give up on finding a job that I decided to take a cash-in-hand job for less than the minimum wage. The fact that I was a student, only allowed to work part-time and have no experience made this task almost impossible.

Connecting the dots will lead you somewhere

A while later, it was the birthday of the guy that I met on the ferry boat, I sent him on Facebook, we had a little chit-chat, he asked if all is good. I explained to him how hard it is to find a job in London. No sooner had we finished our chat than I received a text, a very well-known employer in the catering industry was hiring massively if you have 1-2 years of experience.

That’s good but still I don’t have the UK experience, the thing that will definitely keep me from getting the job. I ignored the text as obviously if I go for an interview they can easily find out that my experience has nothing to do with catering, back then I was into sales, so no common ground at all.

I took my phone to adjust my alarm then I noticed the boat guy dropped me an offline message. He said ‘’fake it till you make it’’, I know you don’t know anything about catering but I’ll sort you out to get this job, it’s not as hard as you think. I quickly realized that he talked to the employer about me, the text was sort of reassuring to me, it cheered me up and gave me hope, although I don’t know anything about the job I’m approaching but a little bit of hope was better than nothing.

In the next few days, I was able to arrange a meeting with a head chef who was a friend of the boat guy. The chef took me through every single part of the catering job, he even took me to the kitchen. Within 1 week exactly I turned up for the interview as a ‘’sous chef’’.

Moral of the story

The chain of events that took place one after the other can clearly deliver a message. If you are patient enough to see what life has to unleash, then you will definitely unlock new features in your personality. I was never about to find a job if I hadn’t met this guy. Maybe I missed few days in college and had a pile of work to do because of what happened. However, the job was sort of imperative for me as I couldn’t live on my own spending.

I always regarded life as a computer game. You can’t proceed to the next level until you accomplish the current mission. It might feel boring and time-consuming but it’s inevitable. The Same rule applies to our daily life, the more you hustle and pursue what you want, the more likely you’ll toughen up and earn various skills that can help you cope with the challenges life throws.

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