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What are Drug Addiction

Drug addiction, also called substance disorder, is a complex disease which constrains individual to use it permanently.  After using drug 1-2 times, consumer becomes addicted and wants to use this substance more and more.  Many people can’t understand how or why they becommaxresdefaulte addicted. However, when they get addicted, they do not control their drug use, and addicts may continue to use it regardless of harms it causes. This substance either makes user feel good or stops him\her from feeling bad. However, in some cases, addicts recognize that there is a thin line between to be addicted and just drug abuse. Very few consumers understand when they abuse substance consumption, while others only realize when they start to have serious health problems. Constant drug use impacts on individual’s health, career, and also society.

Healthy Effects

Dependence on drugs that means the regular intake of substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, and narcotic drugs causes physical and physiological effects almost every organ of human body. Primarily, drug addiction cause very serious problems which are hazardous to people’s health. Even using drugs result in cancer and cirrhosis which lead to lethal diseases. The fact that these diseases cause 42 percent death cases because addicts consume too much alcohol. Besides the physical effects, drug addiction also has enough influences to addicts’ mental state. Drug abuse impacts a person’s ability to recall and acquire knowledge, therefore, learning, speaking, language use, and emotional stability become distorted. Due to common symptoms of drugs addict’s, emotional state remains unstable: depression, stress, hangover, and anxiety. It has short-term effects which makes users well, but probably after getting out of drug’s influence they feel much more tormented. For instance, John, who died for using overdose of marijuana when he was 28 years old, recommended teenagers to avoid any substance as possible as thedrug addictiony can. He said: “As soon as I was off whatever I was on, my problems were 50 times worse and I couldn’t control myself. I give negative reaction to everyone who around me, even I spent 1\3 part of day in my room. I just sat there and beat up my door because I hated myself.”1) This example proofs that drug addiction may result in several consequences which cannot be recovered till death.

Losing The Jobs

Besides the effects of drug addiction on health, drug use also distorts people ability to focus on their work. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. analyzes that addiction end up preoccupation with using drugs and consequently it will be hard to concentrate on the duty at work for addicts. When person himself\herself or a loved one is addicted on substance use, all of the concentration on work lost and responsibilities are disregarded. Over time, it damages the environment in the workplace and cause problems with an employer or even people who are working at a lower position. If worker is responsible for other employees in the workplace, then he\she may ignore their needs, abilities, or even their role in forthcoming plans. Even if individual are not using a substance, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. states that it has a possibility that a loved one’s addiction effects individual at work. Individual may lose his\her concentration on work because it’s hard to concentrate on job when loved one becomes drug addicted.

Not only as an individual, but also the whole society

The effects on drug addiction do not only stick around individual himself\herself, it has far-reaching influence society. Although some substances may not be illegal, addicted to these substances cause behaviors which are against the law.  These impacts are not only on the people who live closely to them, it has also a wide influence on society. It increases the risk of injuries and car accidents, so this results in damaging other people’s lives. For instance, in the USA, the crashes related to the using drugs, often combined with alcohol, kill someone every twenty-two minutes. It affects not only the number of the crashes, but also the rates of crimes. They use violeno-STRESS-ADDICTION-facebookt attitudes to others and begin to fight. It is a fact that addiction with drugs is connected with thirty four percent of murder cases. Surely, these statistics are increasing day by day. Furthermore, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 50 to 80 percent of child abuse and neglect is related to parents who involve substance use. United States of America spent approximately 904 million dollar to put these children into foster care from their parents’ drug abuse in 2005. Putting children into foster care have significant consequences to children’s future life, and emotional state. Many children in foster care loss their ability to trust because of relentless conditions.

drug addiction

Consequently, constant drug use totally torments depended one’s life: losing job, hard to make relationships, strange behavior, etc. However, people should think of ways of how to stop drug abuse. People must encourage addict to find health ways to deal with it. Individuals had better have things in their lives which they care deeply about. It might be a sport, having something that passionate about, or even a relationship that keep addicts’ health both mentally and physically strong. As one of the old wise men, Art Williams, said: “I am not telling you it is going to be easy, I am telling you it is going to be worth it.”

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