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Umberto Eco: “I can read the Bible, Homer, or Dylan Dog for several days without being bored.”

Dylan Dog Comics Italy

Just Some Basic Information – Won’t Hurt!

Dylan Dog Comics Italy is a comic book character created by Tiziano Scalvi and drawn for the fist time by Angelo Stano, a famous Italian illustrator. The comic book that features Dylan Dog is published by famous Italian publishing house, Sergio Bonelli Editore. It is important to notice that, since the comic as first released in October 1986, it started gaining popularity and attracting wider and wider audience. On account of that, soon it started being published over the Italian border by foreign public houses that recognized its quality and and the fact that the main protagonist is almost magically appealing (not only due to his physical appearance, to make it clear). Foreign publish houses that release translated and licensed versions of Dylan Dog are the following ones: Dark Horse Comics with their English version for the United States, Ludens in Croatian for Croatia, Veseli četvrtak publishes it in Serbian for Serbian market, Shadow Zone Media does so in Denmark, Silvester in Netherlands, Egmond Polska in Poland, Aleta Ediciones in Spain, Ades Media in Sweden and Rodeo as well as Hoz Comics in Turkey.

dylan dog
[/media-credit] Dylan Dog is also a passionate musician

What is the secret of Dylan’s popularity?

But.. let’s skip the dreadful details. Dylan Dog Comics Italy is an ongoing comic book with thirty-year-long tradition, and its popularity is by no means fading through all these years. What is the key to that? ell, maybe in hat as previously said – he is somewhat magically appealing. Dylan Dog’s occupation (and he as a person in general) is quite controversial and dubious – he is a paranormal investigator, or in other words, an investigator of nightmares. But, he never hesitates to seek answers to existential questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? and, more important: Where are we headed to? He is also one of those guys who occur with a new girlfriend in each episode, though they always get left behind and craving for that one special, big love. Maybe that shadow of tragedy upon the character is what makes Dylan so appealing, lively and real – and popular. Besides, the fact that Dylan Dog is a close friend to Death itself and that he often runs into Devil himself makes the whole comic even more attractive and intriguing.

Dylan and Groucho
[/media-credit] Dylan and his assistant – Groucho Marx

Other important characters in Dylan Dog Comics Italy

To brighten up the creepy atmosphere of the comic that deals with paranormal phenomena and demons, the creators of a comic book accompanied Dylan with an assistant. His name is Groucho Marx, taken after one late American actor. Other than his name, not many facts about Groucho are revealed through the whole series. He and Dylan share an apartment on number 7, Craven Road (London, England), here they are constantly trying to make the ends meet because of their poor financial situation. Groucho is always there to throw Dylan a gun when needed, and to throw a joke of any kind anytime, especially when it’s not needed at all. The circumstances in which Dylan and Groucho have met are blurry, as well as Grouchos character and Dylan’s past, never completely revealed in the series. Besides Groucho (and Death), Dylan has one more very important and close friend, who is also his ex-superior. Yes, the ones who are familiar with this comic have already recognized Inspector Bloch in the description. He is some kind of fatherly  figure to his ex-colleague Dylan, and pretends to be severe to him, although he highly appreciates Dylan’s passion, skills and friendship. Even more he appreciates Dylan’s kindness – maybe that is the quality that makes one get to love Dylan instantly, after reading one’s first pages of the comic book.

Dylan Dog Comics Italy
[/media-credit] Inspector Bloch permanently awaiting his retirement

So, do not hesitate! If you did not have a chance to meet Dylan and the rest of the crew yet – make sure to do so in a short while. And this article is a mere introduction to what is awaiting you if you decide to give Dylan Dog a chance.

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