How To Choose Best Shoes with Jeans for Men


It has been about a hundred and fifty years since jeans have started their journey on the path of the fashion world. This time has sufficed to bring about ample varieties to this awesome apparel. The slew of choices in best shoes with jeans for men alone has made it one of the most appealing fashion picks for men. Wearing the right pair of shoes with your jeans will serve to make you look dashing. But as jeans can be formal and casual, one often wonders how to pick the best shoes with jeans for men. Sometimes they come in special colors and that is the time to decide your pick of best shoes with jeans for men. Let us see each of these different jeans collections and how to pair them with shoes that define your look:

Pairing Formal Jeans with Leather Shoes

Styling formal jeans with shoes can be a tough issue. To get the best looks, first check the pair of jeans and their length to determine if they are reasonable. Slim but not tight and comfortably fitting at the hips and waist is the way to go. Once you pick your formal jeans properly, you will be done with half the job of styling your appearance. Now let us discuss the shoes. Here are top best leather shoes to pair with your formal jeans and steal the spotlight.

These rich brown Oxford Shoes are the right choice with your dark blue jeans. Formal occasions like business meetings and office trips would be fine in these shoes. With their strong and sturdy features, they live up to your expectations. Make sure to get one size smaller than your feet especially if your feet are slim as the leather tends to stretch soon after you start wearing them.

Delli Aldo Brown

Delli Aldo Fashion Men Oxfords Dress Shoes Lace Up Cap Toe (size 10, Brown)

These shoes are the right choice for spring and summer season. When you pick light blue or grey jeans, pick this light shade of shoes with them. The compliments from your friends and acquaintances will be worth it. They look striking if you choose contrast them with some dark shaded jeans. It can be dark brown or black. Bear in mind not to wear them on occasions when you are going to stay in shoes for more than 4 hours. The narrow room for your toes can be a bit troublesome.

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Ferro Aldo Modern Cap Toe Shoes

Ferro Aldo Modern Men's Dress Lace-up Oxfords Shoes Cap Toe Brown (7)

These shoes with their bulky look improve your image greatly. They bestow upon your figure a manly sturdiness that is highly appealing. Wearing these will work best if your pair of jeans is also of a rougher texture and dark shade. Despite their simple design, they look sexy for their style and cut.

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Deer Stags Men’s Williams-burg Shoes

Deer Stags Men's Williamsburg Oxford,Black,7.5 M US

These few examples can broaden your imagination on how to pair your formal jeans with the right leather shoes. Simple formal shoes look more appealing. Sometimes, the simpler you look, the classier the appeal.

Best Shoes for Casual Jeans

Once you are done searching for formal shoes to pair with your jeans in an effort to find the best shoes with jeans for men, check the casual collections in stores. Mostly jeans are worn as a casual piece of clothing.  You will find a wide variety of casual shoes and that will aid in easy selection. There are chukka boots, plimsolls, Dr Martens, Trainers etc. A pair of white trainers, for example, allows you to play with the choice of jeans’ color. Check your wardrobe and pair any jeans that go perfectly with white trainers for your evening out. Up ahead, we are listing a few top best casual shoes that pair with your jeans and make you the man of the evening.

These Chukka Boots blow a new spirit in your looks. Their texture and color is just the right sort to pair with your casual jeans. Faded jeans or distressed jeans match with these like no other choice. Do not wear them with black jeans as the color won’t math perfectly and won’t contrast as well. Their dusty old cowboy-like appearance turns heads once you walk around in these. However, if you suffer from a flat foot, these might not be the best choice for you.

Kenneth Cole Chukka Boots

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Desert Sun SU Chukka Boot,Dark Grey,7 M US

No guy can resist these shoes for their sturdy and secure look. They are highly appreciated for casual wear especially when you are up to some long walk or hiking or any other tough sport. With your jeans that are a bit wide or baggy they blend perfectly. Blue jeans in all shades go with these shoes.

Skechers USA  Segment-Barillo Boot

Skechers USA Men's Segment-Barillo Chelsea Boot,Dark Brown,9 M US


Wearing sandals with jeans is a casual style that adds a cool touch to your overall appearance. These leather sandals are a great choice for summer casual looks. Your light texture jeans in light shades will steal the attention of any crowd that you blend in. Airy, comfy and flexible, these sandals give you the right choice with your cropped jeans, jeans shorts or faded jeans.

JINBEILE Men’s Leather Sandal


Sneakers Wide variety Matches Casual Jeans

The choice for sneakers is massive for casual wear. You have an ample variety in colors, styles and designs. Even choosing the texture and material is possible if you are in search of a specific one. Sneakers make one of the best choices for casual jeans wear. Here is one sneaker that can look stunning with your casual jeans. Check your wardrobe and pick one or two pairs of jeans and find sneakers in your shoes collection to layer your jeans smartly. Sneakers never disappoint when it comes to casual wear!

Polo Ralph Lauren Vaughn Sneaker

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Vaughn Fashion Sneaker, Dark Khaki, 11 D US

Pairing Special Style Jeans with Best Shoes

There are shades in jeans that are not commonly seen on guys. These colors can be tricky when it comes to pair them with the right kind of shoes. Apart from colors, jeans these days come in many uncommon styles and designs. Many a time guys go wrong in pairing these with the right pairs of shoes. Here are some simple tips to wear jeans in a manner that add up to your style with the right choice of shoes:

  • Black Jeans: Wear contrasting colors in shoes. Imagine black shoes with black jeans. They do not match because the difference in texture affects the color. The best approacj is to contrast the shoe color with black jeans.
  • Funky Jeans: Do not pick formal shoes with funky jeans. Keep the choice of shoes also bright and highly casual with these jeans. The jeans below are paired with sneakers or light sandals.
jeansian Men's Fashion Casual Printing Denim Long Pants Jeans J242 Black W29

Jeansian Men’s Printed Skinny-Fit Pants Jeans

  • Skinny Fit Jeans: These jeans do not match with classic shoes or boots. Pick a very casual slim fit canvas pair of shoes or sandals to wear with these.
  • Bright Unconventional Color Jeans: These jeans are rare and come in bright colors like turquoise, light olive, royal blue, red, neon green etc. These need time and close observation so as to pair with the right shoes. Some of these like neon green look bright and lively with matching neon sneakers.
  • Distressed jeans: Do not pair your distressed jeans with bulky heavy shoes or boots. Keep them looking light and casual with slim simple sneakers. You can pick any color of sneakers if that makes the best match but never go for classic leather shoes.


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