Childhood Obesity: A Question on Children’s Fitness


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 Many countries including India is struggling from malnutrition in children, while on other side overweight and obese kids are gaining attention on global level. To find out the details for increasing childhood obesity, India had conducted a survey and presented a report covering the keys causes, which are likely to lead to childhood obesity.

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Major highlights of the Childhood Obesity Report

  • After a complete survey on major regions, it has been notice that even the major developing and developed countries are facing this problem.
  • The factor causing childhood obesity and overweight is due to food habits and physical actions influenced by certain environmental and social factors.
  • It has been decided that for controlling this problem, primary and secondary prevention plan will be formulated.
  • Some developed nations has already started their prevention plans and control models.
  • In India, a research will be conducted to find out the methods for prevention well as the treatment to over weighed kids.

Causes of Childhood Obesity

There are many local bodies that are consistently trying to analyze this outbreak.

Some random causes effecting childhood obesity

Fitness Training:

Studies have presumes that children, who are involved in more sports and other curricular activities generally stays fit and had less chances of becoming obese. The habits of providing fitness training to children in their school, locality and at home can reduce the ratio of their idleness, like using cycling instead of school bus is good.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

To engage kids with effective physical activities could be cumbersome. Parents need to take care and prohibit some of the activities like excess use of technology, watching television for long, use of accelerators, playing sitting games etc. They must be engaged with the activities that promote metabolism and utilize their energy in smart way. You can start with simple steps of physical training for kids at home.

Dietary Intake:

Another reason of childhood obesity is the diet ignorance, most parent allow children to take energy dense food in their near location like the cafeteria, school canteen and fast food corner. Even the use of snacks, bread-jam and fast food in their Tiffin boxes is an alarm. Cold drinks, preserved foods and

Lack of Exercise: A healthy routine start with the exercise. The pattern of doing regular exercise has almost disappeared. Most children does not even have that elasticity in their body. The trends for meditation and Yoga is continuously been promoted which need equal attendance of children.

Measures to reduce the ratio of obesity

Its never too late to start with a healthy routine with children. However, the kids who are already suffering from childhood obesity need immediate attention and advice from pediatrician. You can start with them for some Yoga or fitness training classes. Most important is to maintain their diet schedule and engage them with minor physical activities at home, like serving themselves, visiting market etc. They can even do their studies by walking through.

Alternately, you can change their sedentary habits and try to give them mental exercise as well. Remember to consult a doctor if they are feeling lethargic and tired soon.

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