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7 Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal is a land-locked country bordered by China to the North and India to the South, East, and West with the estimated population of 28 million. With abundance and scenic beauty, this beautiful country is rich in natural resources. Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, Nepal has a reputation of attracting many tourists yearly because of its beauty, people, cultures, and traditions. Below are the 7 Best places to visit in Nepal.

7 Best Places to Visit in Nepal

1. Everest Base Camp

Best places to visit in Nepal
Not everyone can climb Mt. Everest. But one can trek to Everest base camp to see the glimpse of the life-defining view of the world highest mountain. There are many trekking agencies that offer you everything you want for the trek that includes airport transfers, porters, and guides. A trek may last for 14 to 16 days.

2. Tilicho Lake

best places to visit in Nepal
Located in the Manang district of Nepal, Tilicho lake is situated at an altitude of almost 5000 meters in the Annapurna range of Himalayas. With no camping required as there are many lodges now, Tilicho Lake is known for one of the most popular side hikes of the Annapurna circuit trek. Trekkers usually cross the watershed between Manang and kali Gandaki valleys over the 5416 meters high Thorang La pass which is claimed to be the highest lake in the world while attempting the Annapurna Circuit route. The trekking starts from Besisahar as Annapurna Circuit Trekking, which goes along the Marshyangdi River with great views of Manaslu and Himal Chuli.

3. Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang
Also known as once the forbidden kingdom of the mustang, Upper mustang is closely related to Tibet as geographically it is a part of Tibetan plateau. The culture and landscapes of the mustang are much more similar to Tibet. The cultures of the people, its history, and stupendous environment and atmosphere are the major attractions for tourists.

4. Lumbini

Located in the Rupendehi District of Nepal, Lumbini is a place where Queen Mayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Gautam ( Gautam Buddha: founder of Buddhism ) in 564 BCE. It is no surprise that many Buddhist pilgrimages all around the world come to visit this World Heritage Listed place. You can spend day or two roaming around monasteries and temples including the spiritual heart of Lumbini the Maya Devi Temple.

5. Annapurna Base Camp


One of the popular trekking experience in Nepal is Annapurna Base Camp surrounded by famous Himalayan peaks such as Hiunchuli, Annapurna South, Varaha Shikhar, Annapurna I, Gangapurna, Annapurna III and Machhapuchhre. Also known as Annapurna Sanctuary, Annapurna Base Camp is a high glacial basin lying 40 km directly north to Pokhara. Annapurna Base camp trekking trail takes you on a journey to explore picturesque Mountain View along with the south-facing slopes that are covered in dense tropical jungles of rhododendron and bamboo and north-facing slopes that have a drier colder climate. You can trek almost any time of the year. A trek may last for 7-12 days.

6. Panch Pokhari (Five Lakes)


Panch Pokhari is located in Sindhupalchowk District of Nepal which lies in the arms of Himalayan range and flawless nature. The 9th highest altitude wetland in the world has holy and, religious importance as it is also known as the group of 5 Hindu holy lakes. It is a very popular pilgrimage destination for Hindus and Buddhists. Trekking duration is of maximum 12 days depending on the trekker’s itinerary.

7. Gosaikunda


One of the best trekking destination in the world that is situated in Nepal’s Langtang National Park and located at an altitude of 4380 m in the Rasuwa District is Gosaikunda. With its scenic beauty and breathtaking travel destination, Gosaikunda has been delineated as a religious site according to Hindu Mythology. It is believed that once you bathe in this holy lake all your sorrows, pains and sins will be washed off.

So these are some of the Best Places to visit in Nepal. Happy Travel !!

5 Things Everyone Need To Know About Africa

Have you ever wondered why most people from another countries always aspires to visit the Africa continents? well if you don’t know, lots of amazing things, facts, history, people and places in Africa could be the reason. Its no gay-saying that Africa is the second largest continent in the word after Asia, and it is strongly believed that people of Africa are people of history and a wonderfully made continent. Though, majority of the African countries are still some ways far from being a developed because social amenities standards are not yet at the level of some other developed countries like USA, for instance, there are definitely not enough health professionals as it should be.

5 Things About Africa : Know About African

In most African countries, there are not enough clinic’s operating staff most especially in some local areas. This as a result made health issues a major concern in Africa. But despite all these things Africa is still a wonderfully endowed continents in terms of natural endowments, like skin color, race, animals,and some mineral resources to mention but few.Below are 5 wonderful facts everyone need to know about Africa.


As i have claimed earlier that Africa is the second most populated continent in the world, it is imperative to support this claim with a unique fact.It is the belief of historians, anthropologists among others that human race began in the soil of Africa. this claim is further supported by the reason of an old skeletal remains that were discovered at a site in the eastern Africa . A case study is the human remains found at a place called Omo in Ethiopia, this skeletal is believed to have been in existence since 190,000 years, this discovery gave us clue about human existence, believing that human race originated from Africa and belief is being held for long as the oldest in human history and the world as a whole.


Secondly, Agriculture is believed to have started in Africa, this began with the use of some ancient tools like grindstone, cutting blades mining stones engraving burners, mortal and pestles among others in the Ancient period.

At this time, the Egytians were found to be majored in agriculture as they were blessed with fertile lands that could yield for them.Among some of their some of their crops at that period were legumes,barley, lentils, wheat among other ancient foods.


African people are mostly recognized by their way of greeting, dressing and also by the structures of their buildings, In the ancient period, the African pattern of building was usually in a rounded shaped forms.

But there was a particular building regarded as being the most remarkable in the human history, this building was known as the extra ordinary pyramid of Giza. it was roughly over 480 feets tall which in our modern time would approximately make 40 storey building in Africa. It was also reported to have been built with over 3 million bricks of limestones and granite that weigh not less than hundreds of tons.


In the soil of Africa, there are thought to be over 2,000 languages holds to be an official languages of the African Union,while Nigeria (West Africa) alone is believed to have more than 500 languages and over 150 ethnic group.


While other things could be bearable to the non Africans, it is important to know that the weather in Africa is a distinctively different one, compared to other continents.

The Africa continent is believed to be thee hottest continent in the world and the second dried after Australia. despite having a larger population than Europe, it also has a shorter overall coastline.

Why Is Travel Good For You?

In today’s modern world, everyone is so busy in their life that they do not get time to relax or just cut off from their hectic life. Taking a break from your busy schedule will definitely refresh your mind and give you the much needed relaxation. Travelling is something which everyone loves to do and this is one of the best things which a person can do for enjoyment and relaxation. 

Benefits Of Travelling

Travelling is an activity which, besides providing you with ample enjoyment, also teaches you various important lessons in life and provides you amazing memories and experiences. Some of the major benefits of travelling are mentioned below:

  • Travelling is an extremely great activity because it gives you the opportunity to come across various kinds of people and explore amazing places in the world.
  • The most important lesson which travelling teaches is that experiences make life interesting rather than materialistic pleasures.
  • By travelling to new places in the world, you learn to make new friends and also learn to be the first one to break the ice in various situations.
  • Travelling provides you with the opportunity to try out new and exciting stuff in your life – something that you have never ever done in your life.
  • It makes you realise how blessed and lucky you are to be able to explore different places in the world.
  • Another great lesson which you learn from travelling is the importance of optimism in your life. You will come across various difficult situations in life and travelling will teach you to act patiently in that particular situation rather than sit and cry over the matter.
  • Life is extremely short and one should make the most of it and enjoy it to the        fullest – this is an extremely important lesson which you learn from travelling.
  • Your perspective towards life or your views about life transform completely after    you go through a travelling experience.

Travelling is an extremely enjoyable experience, but, travelling alone is a challenging experience because there is no one you can depend on and you are all by yourself during your trip. One should travel alone to any part of the world at least once in the entire lifetime to collect some of the most memorable experiences in life. Some of the great experiences which you can gather by travelling alone are mentioned below:

  • Every person, be it any one in the world, loves to spend some alone time where they can just let go of themselves and where they are not judged by people. Travelling solo will reward you with this much needed quality time.

If you are a person who hesitates to take decisions in life, travelling alone will help you because it will make you a much more confident individual and it will prepare you to deal with challenges in life. This experience will teach you to take decisions for yourself rather than depend on others to decide for you.

  • Freedom is something that everyone loves and travelling solo gives you all the freedom in the world because you can do whatever you want and there is no one to interrupt you.
  • Travelling is also a great way to get to know more about your self or get an insight into yourself. In the modern busy world, people often forget who they are as individuals, but, travelling will give you the opportunity to explore yourself.

Nowadays, travelling has also become a hobby for many people. There are lots of people who love to do adventurous things in life and travelling is considered to be one of them.

So, by travelling all over the world, you are not only enjoying yourself, but, also sharpening your mind. Travelling is considered to be the best way to refresh your mind and get rid of all the negative feelings.

Tourism in Ghana: a quick mental tour of sights and scenes.

Ghana is a nation in West Africa of about some 26 million ethnically diverse, friendly and peaceful people with numerous tourist sites and places of interest that will be delightful to visit. To the majority of people in Ghana, the word”tourist” is simply understood as a white person or a person of European, American or lately Asian descent who visit our country to see fun places and take memorable pictures. Tourism is estimated to contribute some 5.4% or $694 million to Ghana’s economy and also creates between 600 to a 1000 direct or indirect jobs for locals.

Lets  take you on a quick mental tour of some interesting and fun places in Ghana.

Let’s start off in the coastal parts of Ghana (Accra, Cape Coast, Tema, Takoradi); these are cities in Ghana that are bordered by the Atlantic ocean. You will find serene and beautiful tropical beaches filled with various types of fish, historic sites and castles built by various groups of Europeans some centuries back but which have been preserved and converted to tourists sites, there are also various monuments like light houses, the national museum where most of  the nation’s historic artifacts are housed, the arts and cultural Centre in Accra where you can find the widest array of local crafts, the Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum where the mortal remains of the Founder of the nation is kept in a clear glass display. There are also very beautiful rock formations where rock climbing and parachuting enthusiasts can really enjoy themselves. As an added bonus, you might even be lucky to chance upon colorful festivals and traditional celebrations observed by local residents if you come at the right time of the year. These parts have some of the best hotels and restaurants as well as good car rental services in the nation. Now let’s move on.

You can arrive in the middle belt by car or air and will be welcomed to a city such as Kumasi. This was and still remains the capital city of the Ashanti people which has been fused with very modern architecture.  It is nicknamed the garden city of West Africa due to its beautiful and serene nature owing to the many tree species that exist here. Have you ever heard of the “crying tree”; yes, you will find it here, interesting isn’t it. There’s also the world famous Manhyia palace, the royal residence of the Ashanti king. He sits on a royal stool made entirely out of pure unadulterated gold. This palace also houses a museum that holds several artifacts and priceless spiritual pieces centuries old. Have you ever heard of the legendary golden stool of the Ashanti kingdom, this is where it is housed. You can purchase a wide range of art, wood carvings, traditional cloths, bracelets and other items as souvenirs. You can as well visit forests, gardens, animal sanctuaries, rock formations, mountains, bridges (bungee jumping), the largest manmade lake in the world and a zoo. There’s also an abundance of very modern hotels, motels and restaurants where you can get local and continental cuisine.

Let’s drive or catch a flight further up to cities such as Sunyani, Techiman, Nkoranza or Kintampo. Here you will be welcomed by warm and kind  residents who will willingly go out of their way to assist you. You can visit historic sites such as the ancient settlement of their ancestors, monkey, bat, snake and antelope sanctuaries, various waterfalls, markets and forests. You can also visit a place that is thought to be the center of the world, awesome right? There are also very modern hotel and hospitality facilities here for your comfort.

Finally let’s go up to the northern or savanna grasslands of Ghana. This is a place where inhabitants live in very close knit groups and have lots of traditions, customs and festivals. There are also various tourist sites like the Salaga slave market, the oldest mosque in the country, traditional craft centers, forest reserves,  game parks where you can find animals like elephants, crocodiles, wild boars, deer, tigers, lions, hippos etc. you can also visit the site of the immovable stone, yes you read right; the stone just can’t be moved. You might as well sample several local foods and drinks practically for free.

From awesome scenery and super friendly people of the land, Ghana is a bubbling pot of interesting and fun places that I earnestly encourage you to visit. You’ll have the time of your life.